It’s Sunday 22 November – the skies are blue, the temperature nearly 20°c, the sea is calm IMG_4958and only a slight breeze – it’s going to be another perfect day for a Winter Dive with Diamond Diving .

And its mid November! Winter dives are magic – especially with great weather conditions, great diving site and great friends.

We arrive at Diamond Diving at 13.30 – just in time for a hot coffee IMG_4950and a warm welcome from Noemie – soon joined by Tim and Fabrice – the show is on the run! Jokes, laughter, great humour are all part of the day – we are getting ready – dry suits, semi dries, palms, masks, – all kitted up and ready to tackle the Mediterranean winter waters!  We make our way to the port at Golf Juan – so excited to get into the water – this time of the year around 17°c on the surface – a little chilly so have to palm faster! Or get better equipment (hope my wife gets the xmas hint!!) – within minutes we are on the boat and manoeuvring out of the port! Cameras in hand flashing away!

Within minutes Alex Diamond (Diamond Diving) is cruising to the dive site – La Formigue – Golfe Juan offers numerous sites to dive between Lérins Islands and Cap Antibes – and Alex know the best sites taking into consideration weather conditions – to ensure the best dive possible – Bravo!

We are on the dive spot, the anchor in place – This is the delicate moment – the moment we have been waiting for –IMG_4978quick check of all materials – have we forgot something, are we prepared, is the camera 11872288_10154151638753135_8335222606363100610_ocharged up?? Then we simply plunge into the deep blue – and ouch the cold water creeps into the wet suit!! (I do need a new scuba suit) – the cold only last a second or so – then we settle in and double check each others set up. We are ready to plunge into the amazing waters just off Cannes. The OK sign is given and the dive begins – today’s programme 25m depth maximum and no longer than 50 minutes – safety, comfort are the essential key words to ensure a great dive!

We are drifting into the depth, the visibility good, and the first signs of life appear all around us, and the colours wow, so vibrant – Just have a look through the photos to see what we see – and even better come along with us next time – contact Alex or  Naomie (Diamond Diving)

11834892_10154147253013135_3303322807940089705_oWe dive to the max. depth and have lots of fun – Fabrice clicking awayIMG_5005 with his amazing camera, Tim and I floating about, discovering, being amazed – time is ticking away – we have seen lots – Barracuda, octopus, and so much more – we are reaching are maximum diving time 50 minutes – time to get back on the boat!

Within minutes we are all on board, chanting away, sharing moments with each other, making fun of each other, what a great way to spend the afternoon – Merci Alex!

Back to the port – and time to get unequipped – and get some warm clothes on! Then we 12115452_10154385256958135_3237805882932171437_n-2are ready for the usual end of dive debriefing and signatures of log books ….and then the end of dive appero – now this is what I call a great end of a Sunday afternoon mid Novembre – great friends, great humour, and a great welcome – see you soon Alex and Noemie (Diamond Diving) and Tim and Fabrice – see you next week.

All under water photos credited to