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Près de Cannes

Cannes, ville des stars cinématographiques, a plus d’une destination enchanteresse à ses portes… Par exemple la lavande, fabuleuse plante au parfum inimitable…Où aller pour la découvrir sous toutes ses formes, depuis les plantations jusqu’aux récoltes, puis les extraits pour la parfumerie, jusqu’aux savons et autres bienfaitrices effluves… Fort simple, vous prenez la direction des gorges du Verdon… ( Le Muy-Draguignan-Ste Croix, Via A8 et D49 ) Il faut compter 2 heures à un rythme tranquille en voiture et 135 kms…Oui mais vous ne le regretterez vraiment pas, c’est sublime ! Petite route de montagne où les lacets se succèdent aux …

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Fun way to tour Cannes with a Segway

Recently we have been invited to discover some of the best ways to get around Cannes – and its region – ‘You Rent Cannes’ is situated on the Old Port– with some amazing toys to play with – they can organise bike rentals, electric car, Vespa tours – in a fun way to discover Cannes with super guides to highlight some of the quirky stories of Cannes – lots of fun for the whole family. In comparative to other major cities Cannes remains rather small – you can walk from one end of the Croisette within a short time  – but …

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Dear Cannes

Dear Cannes, I have never liked you. You overcharge me. You’re not very nice. And you celebrate all the worst aspects of the entertainment industry: Celebrity, exclusivity, vanity, excess. I suppose you’ve never liked me much either. I don’t speak your language. I ask dumb questions about the menu. And I make kids’ TV shows, which, in a town like Cannes, is the equivalent of making finger paintings in Florence. Plus, I’m an American. So, strike three. But the freak storm that hit your town on Saturday night October 3rd changed many things for me. I was eating risotto at …

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Signatures of the Cote d’Azur – the Blue Chairs

Ever since the 19th century (and even earlier), France’s Southern Mediterranean Coast has been one of the most important tourist hotspots in Europe. Flooded by increasing numbers of visitors every year, desired by the rich and famous of the world and in the spotlight during the Cannes Film Festival, the Cote d’Azur has numerous signature landmarks and specificities – classically designed 5-star hotels, palm tree-ridden promenades -; the one we’re going to talk about today are the blue chairs(chaises bleues in French). Found all over the luxurious promenades facing the Med, the blue chairs are loved by travellers coming to …

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Very topical with this weeks event at the Régates Royales! Earlier this year I Love Cannes spent a great day with SNSM, taking photos and filming the Helicopter training !! All ACTION – and a great group of volunteers SNSM always present and willing to help all those in difficulty! Contact us should you want more information – Join or help with funding!! – they are all volunteers!!! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to see our videos from our coverage of events in Cannes! Subscribe here I Love Cannes Youtube Channel

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