Art is a curious thing. Good taste and what is beautiful vary greatly from person to person. The artist VIVI A has been creating art for the last 30 years in many different ways. She has published books, designed logos for blue chip companies and won awards for graphic design. Her ability to look into your soul and design the perfect name, logo or personal identity is part of her creativity.

Wall1She has recently started to explore digital imaging and her latest exhibition, Mirror Mirror, has been snapped up by the 5 star hotel Le Mas Candille in the French town of Mougins. Le Mas Candille knows about art and has, over the years, sponsored many installations by up and coming artists.

Fendi_II1We knew as soon as we saw the Mirror Mirror Project by Vivi A, that it would be a perfect installation for La Pergola, our summer poolside restaurant at Le Mas Candille” says Tina Silver, on behalf of Le Mas Candille. ”We are delighted to be working with VIVI A.”

The Mirror Mirror Project started as an idea of bringing the well known glamour of Cannes together with the beauty of things you cannot buy: the sea, sky, trees and architecture. By merging these two worlds through the window displays of fashion shops on the Boulevard de la Croisette with reflections from the streets, the Mirror Mirror Project was born.

The photographic images are not manipulated or edited in post production. As an argument against the current trend of over manipulation of photos, they are taken as “one shot,” utlilising a special photo technique to enhance the layers and colours, thereby making the photos three-dimensional.

Butterfly1This was very important part of the project” says VIVI A.

I wanted the art photos to be untouched and give inspiration to the viewers that you can see more when looking into a window”.

To get the perfect shot, the light, timing and correct angle is crucial, so as to compliment the manikins, clothes, colours and decoration of the window display. The work requires a precise eye for composition. The various elements are juxtaposed to maximise the effect of the merging of the two worlds.Vivi_wall

The images that are exhibited by the pool at La Pergola will remain until the end of the season. They are for sale but each piece is a one-off. They are printed on Dibond (plaque aluminium) with a special UV coating. Size: 85 x 110cm. There will be no other version on Dibond, but it is possible to purchase them as photo prints, but only one of each image.

I am so happy to be the artist chosen to exhibit at Le Mas Candille this year and I hope all the guests will enjoy my work. It’s a dream come true” says Vivi Engh-Andersen, the artist behind VIVI A.

Photo credit: Paul Oatway, Vivi Engh-Andersen



VIVI A is a Norwegien award winning Graphic Designer and artist based in Cannes. She runs her own design company OuiCannes Design.



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photos_image_132222LE MAS CANDILLE:

Located in Mougins between Cannes and Nice and set in a 9 acre park, Le Mas Candille is a luxury hotel offering high-end guest rooms and suites, two restaurants, the Shiseido Spa, three swimming-pools, two Jacuzzis and two meeting rooms.

The summer restaurant La Pergola is situated beside the main pool and enjoys a sumptuous panoramic view over Grasse and the mountains. Open to non residents, the restaurant offers a Mediterranean cuisine, but also salads and light snacks all day long.

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