A Series of Cannes, but Cannes (for now…)

I mentioned in the previous section of the possibility of the project of international festival series sponsored by the Ministry of Culture with Laurence Herszberg. We eagerly awaited the result of the report of the Executive Director of the Forum des Images and the festival “Mania Series”.

While official statements and press speak of a Cannes festival series, the festival would be held in 2017 in Paris! whereas there are already. Go understand something.The Mayor of Cannes had already suggested such a festival at the Ministry of Culture.It’s enough to remain speechless! At the announcement of the result of the report, David Lisnard said: “We will materialize without the ministry project that I propose for 2 years.” To the extent that most of us have turned into French or foreign series, it is with pleasure that we give our full support to the Mayor of Cannes in the project.

At the Film Market 2016

For the second consecutive year, the City of Cannes has a stand at the Film Market. A stand that highlights the qualities of the city to host the filming, audiovisual production companies of CréÀCannes, and … “Actors of Cannes!”

With support from the City Council, the Association received a special rate to be able to accredit the Film Market. Beyond the representativeness of the actors on the stand, it allows to exist on a digital platform (Cinando) that connects the 64,683 accredited professionals (to the market, not to be confused with those of the festival), to attend lectures, participate in networking or to be invited to inter-professional cocktails.

In “good professional”, it is equally important to look at their work environment as the “acting”: who does what to whom. The movie (between productions, distributors, institutions, festivals, etc …) is so rich that one never feels sufficiently informed. The more you learn, the more we realize that we know nothing. It’s still frustrating.

Assisted production and casting …

Projects have used “Actors of Cannes” through “word of mouth”. This is the case of the director Kevin Dark was looking for a player that can interpret a policeman like “Braquo” for his short film “Dream” that he wants to present the Short Film Corner at the 2017 edition of the Cannes Film Festival. What luck ! Arsene Jiroyan was just available.

“I heard about the association” Actors of Cannes “and professionalism by our makeup. Having Arsene Jiroyan is an added value to the film and it is very good actor, as I think all actors of Association (adding it …) This is my first fiction, and Arsene gives us a great credibility. ”

A Canal + production assistant also got in touch with us via Jérémy Crunchant (Citizen Cannes Tv) to be helped to find extras for the opening ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival 11 may. A very special request for the “happening” Laurent Laffite.


I want to clarify that it is not we who “casted” Catherine Deneuve.

California production company Atlantic Publishing & Media Rod Barkley has a pied-a-terre in Cannes: “I am preparing a comic film to Jacques Tati for American television, which will be turned around Cannes, and my neighbor forwarded me your contact information so you can help me to complete my technical team. ”

Olivier Dussausse (producer in France of 48 Film Project) has put us in touch with the Dutch production company Nobs to complete his cast of the film “Wake up in Cannes” for Hewlett Packard Masters of Shorts. A film was also shot in Cannes during the International Film Festival and in which Jean-Claude BRAGANTI interpreted the role of the father of the main character.

Also from David Guiraud to Adastra that is CréÀCannes for the cast of his next feature film.

Through an actress friend Barbara Laurent, Ludivine Denane and I have turned into “And so what?” Elodie Serra and starring in Orange Cinema Series-La Croisette, a web series whose action is during the IFF. Upon learning of the existence of the collective, Elodie discovered the many opportunities in Cannes and plans for upcoming episodes, redo call us ..

Evening “Actors of Cannes” Saturday, July 2, 2016

In the new projection room of Studio 13 of Picaud MJC Cannes (freshly renovated room by the weather of October 2015), “The Actors of Cannes” will give an evening screening of short films in which they have played in presence of the filmmakers.

Will screen the selection of the following films:
– “The Machine Victor” Jean-Marc Olivier
– “Bedroom Story” Denis Declef
– “Blue Moon” Daniel Rocchia
– “Curly” Jeremy and Alex Crunchant Taba

Thanks to Yann Lerat and The Huffington Post, original article here.