Yes its the 6th September – and what better way to spend a hot end of season day – with the family.
Its 14.30 and we are going to the beach on Palm Beach Croisette – the outside temperature is 29°c – and the beach is already active – families, couples, oldies, children – beach castles, and lots of sportive activities as well as the usual sunday reading .
We settle down – check list – sun protection, sunglasses, sun umbrella, fins, goggles, snorkel, sunglasses, surf board ……..the usual family gadgets for a great day on the beach.
…and the water … crystal clear – slightly chilled – perfect for a dip.
back to the beach towel – and the activity all around – standup paddle, wind surfing, sailing and my favourite “Ice Cream” –
YES YES definitely the perfect spot for the whole family to enjoy, or simply read a book and chill out!