Standing outside Brown Sugar, Apero was feeling hesitant, as if standing in front of a roulette table with only one chip. Brown Sugar seems to be successful enough that it’s been among the many restaurant and bars in Le Carre d’Or as long as the cold war. But could this obviously touristic place be any good? But when he saw the big platters of nibbles being carried out, he caved in and asked for a table for himself and Tiff.

IMG_0092The friendly girl greeting them, said the last table outside was reserved, but they where welcome to a first drink inside while waiting. And that was not a bad choice at all. The quirky interior inside festooned with antique bikes, old lanterns and musical instruments hanging from the ceiling gave the place a warm and intriguing atmosphere.

I like the kookiness” said Tiff. ”There is so many fun things to look at here”.

IMG_0080Apero however was busy looking at the menu, only interrupted every time a new plate of snacks passed by. Finally the girl stopped at their table and he could happily munch away. Filled with olives, pizza bites, salted pringles, nacho chips, two dips and carrots,there was something for everybody. Even small cheese cubes that Tiff quickly absorbed. The smily and friendly girl came soon after with their drinks. When Tiff asked to see the bottle of the champagne, she gladly did so.

It’s very good – and I don´t even like champagne” smiled the bar maid honestly.

Tiff could not grasp that it was even possible not liking champagne, but the girl was right. The bubbles were as good as promised, and an extra point for the service minded attitude.

Brown Sugar is also a restaurant. It’s not expensive and meals are fairly basic, but they also have small plates of charcuterie and fromage if you just want some extra nibbles. The cocktail drinks list is lengthy and they have lots of different beers. In the Summer, there is always lots of action on the street, making it one of the best places from which to watch the action. But even though a table became available outside, Apero&Tiff were enjoying the cosy and quirky surroundings inside so much that they decided to stay put.

IMG_0079This is a very good Mojito” said Apero, with crumbs and dip all over his face. The plate of nibbles went down faster than a smash ball from Roger Federer.  So he ordered another round right away to flush it down with.

They both stuck to their choice of champagne and Mojito. No need to mix things up.

The bar started to fill up, both with after work colleagues, couples on dates, friends and families.  Brown Sugar looked like a place for every occasion and age. During the high season it’s a younger crowd here. It is after all located in the most known bar and night club street area of Cannes. This evening,the vibe was relaxed and friendly, and the music upbeat yet sociable.

But then …

IMG_0074Is this Boyzone?” asked Tiff, with the recognizable sound of an outdated boy band with falsetto voice ringing in her ear.

“It is”. Apero was amused. 

I don’t care. I like this place!” he admitted. ”The service is friendly and smiley. The light in here is cosy, making it a a place you want to sit for a long time”.

Tiff agreed. Brown Sugar was much better then they had both expected.

If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you!