In the heart of Cannes, the Byron lounge bar and restaurant has gained an identity. Here one can have a drink, snack, dinner, see sports – even dance when the DJ is playing in the evening. Situated in the middle of rue Felix Faure among lots of restaurants, this place is perfect for people watching.
Inside Byron you find yourself in a place with soft hues of raw wood with furniture in warm tones allied with carvings of glasses and mirrors, but it is the sign outside that gets Apero & Tiff´s attention this evening.

”Happy Hour with free tapas! Just what I need” says Tiff enthusiastic.IMG_5055
Even the ever so suspicious Apero looks pleased for a second before he reads the sign that says PINTS on it.
”Do we need to drink pints to get the nibbles?” he reacts.

But the plate of tapas comes even before they have a chance to look at the drinks list and contains two small pizza bites, crostinis, tuna tapenade and black olives.

”Olives is always a hit” says Tiff and immediately starts nibbling as there was no ‪tomorrow‬.
”I am hungry and these taste very good”.
”And they are stone free as well says Apero. ”I hate it when there is a risk of a dental appointment when eating olives.

p4Tiff goes for the mini pizza slice. Not exactly Michelin star worthy, but ok enough.
”I once was at a place where I had this terrible experience with an olive…”Apero continues.
”Yeah, yeah, you broke a tooth. Enough about this. Lets order some drinks” interrupts Tiff, who was not only hungry this evening but also thirsty as a camel.

Byron has a great cocktail list as well as shooters and beer and since the nibbles were already on the table, it was no reason to order the pint, so they went straight for a bottle beer and a glass of champagne.

” What is this?” Tiff looks at her tiny glass. “This is not a coupe but a mini coupette”
Apero finds it amusing though. ” Do you want to order a second right away so you dont go empty mid sentence?”

p6Apero´s bottle of beer was cold and … well, it was a bottle beer so not much to say about that really. To be polite he drunk it in highway speed to match Tiffs small champagne, and they went for a second round.

The service was friendly and quick. This being a early evening, there was no music, only TV´s showing diverse sport in the background.

”I will try a pint this time” says Apero, thinking it would be a strategic move to get a new plate of nibbles since the sign outside said it was free tapas with a pint for only 5 euro. That sadly did not happen.

p5” False advertising” moaned Tiff .
The menu however does have nibbles to buy in addition to food, if you are as hungry as Tiff was this evening, now licking the olive bowl clean. Even though the ”coupe” of champagne was a very small measurement, it went down with enthusiasm. They both agreed that they would come back again.

”I will order a whole bottle next time” says Tiff. ”Size DOES matter”.
If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should try please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there drinking for you!