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Just made another exciting new partnership – one which actually started many many years ago…… 10 years ago I was wandering the streets of Cannes – looking for the the birthday gift for my wife!  – I strolled down Rue D’Antibes, where all the major boutiques are found – then down the side streets looking for a smaller boutique with original ideas – still nothing hits me! I then decide to go for a walk along the La Croisette” – to refresh my mind…I still do not know what to get! and time is ticking away (very appropriate!) I then …

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Christmas shopping ideas in Cannes

It’s that time of year again!! Christmas… and like many…I NEED some gift ideas!! Every Christmas it’s the same old story looking for something different, original and especially affordable. What to do – I am walking through the busy streets of Cannes, the weather is just amazing, warm and blue skies – needless to say that after all the walking around a lunch date is required and as incredible as it sounds we eat outside in the warmth of the winter sun, sipping a great glass of rosé! – however the discussion soon turns to WHAT to get for Christmas!! …

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Food & Drinkshopping

Boucherie/Charcuterie Fabre – Speciality Sausages!

The Boucherie/Charcuterie Fabre, located by the Marché Forville has now a BRIT!! making specialties such as a blends of sausages, including Pork & Leek, Cumberland with Stilton & Lamb with mint – all delicious! Apart from an excellent selection of the usual meat products – ribs, steaks, Lamb cutlets, etc, English tastes are catered for with home-made Black Pudding & Streaky Bacon, smoked or flavored with beer & treacle! Now you can make your own, authentic, Bangers & Mash!  

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