Claus Fermann arrived in Cannes back in 2008. Pcf1rior to this, he had been working as an international management consultant in the IT (Information Technology) industry, delivering his management services and skills to some of the worlds largest IT companies, such as Oracle and Hewlett-Packard, in Sophia-Antipolis.

Cannes marked a radical life changer for Claus Fermann, who decided to not only to change completely his professional life from IT to real estate, but also his lifestyle.  “Before I had 300 travelling days a year and I travelled around all the time. Now I stay here in Cannes at least 300 days a year, and instead of using my company car to go to the airport, I now jump on my scooter and stroll up and down la Croisette in a polo-shirt… I really fell in love with the life style Cannes offers”,  says Claus Fermann

He then co-founded a real estate agency he named “QAUTIO” (from latin, which expresses a we care attitude). The business idea behind QAUTIO was simply to deliver a much more modern and advanced property management service, than was then available. Quickly the company attracted many property owners (mainly from Scandinavia) and like that, QAUTIO was on to a successful start.

Then when our client asked me to help them rent out or sell their properties, I wanted to do it, but only in the right way, i.e. with all the needed licenses from the French authorities”, remembers Claus Fermann. Consequently Claus Fermann applied for and in 2009 obtained the very sought “Carte Profesionelle”, delivered to him by the prefecture in Nice, which gives Claus Fermann and QAUTIO the authority and mandate to sell and rent properties on the French Riviera.




In 2013 QAUTIO announced an additional service offering, Event Management. “This service is exclusively for QAUTIO’s existing rental clients”, says Claus Fermann.  “We do fun small sportive events such a the “Tour de MIPIM”, a cycling event for Danish bike amateurs.






We also organize very large receptions, like the “Nordic Lounge”, which has become the meeting point for more than 600 Nordic people marking the opening day of MIPIM for them in a festive way in the the cozy atmosphere of the famous Marché Forville”.




However, the main specialty of QAUTIO today is acting as an accommodation sourcing partner for the big international companies visiting Cannes during the many congresses. QAUTIO provide a full service to these clients, meaning all the way from understanding the requirements to finding and delivering all the flats and or villas needed, in a carefree, easy and smooth way for our clients. “Our clients are in Cannes do business, and we are here to help them by making everything related to their accommodation a non-issue” says Claus Fermann.

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