In every town there is a central point where every one meets to do their shopping, chat with friends – over a glass or two! drink coffee, gossip talk shop etc etc decide what the lunch or dinner will be!


And there is no better place than Marche Forville – to find the very soul of Cannes, buzzing, vibrating, colours – an anthill of activity starting in the early hours and closing around 1pm!

In 1860 Cannes was still a small town of around 10 000 inhabitants, with the arrival of the train 1863 something had to be done. There are plenty of local producers around Cannes – they needed to be centralised! The first structures of 1880 were made of wood and in 1884 due to increased population the city ordered the study for a new MARKET! The location was chosen and in 1934 the market was established in Forville! more modern and more suitable to the increased number of inhabitants!

…… but this all history chat – very interesting however does not tell a great story!

The best way to absorb the ambience is to go down and see for your selves – enjoy the savours, odours, and life general exploding in a carnival like ambience! – so much fun!

Fresh local Mediterranean fish – catch of the day – John Dory , octopus, shark,IMG_3631

Flowers from local producers .. must say at a very good price – I bought some rose for 5 euros, and after one week they are still looking great!

Salades – endive, lettuce, spinach, rocket, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, onions, spring onions, red onions, carrots, celery, radishes…and so much more – I am really feeling in the mood to get healthy.

Vegetables from local producers – and fresh every day!! cabbage, turnip, radish, carrot, parsnip, beetroot , beans, potatoes, aubergines, pumpkins, onions, leek where does it all stop?IMG_3602

Fruits and soon much more ….I had not realised just how rich in flavours was the south of France – and so lucky to be able to come here every day!

Fresh orange juice stand, a socca stand, nugget stand etc etc – and around the market is an array of bistros, coffee shops, bars and one of Cannes oldest butchers Fabre – just to mention a few!

So you can see this is the centre of Cannes – and a fantastic place to shop – or just simply stroll through! the smiles are free. Take in the magic and enjoy the humour, local foods and yes why not cook a local dish! daube provencal, Bouillabaisse, Tapenade, Ratatouille, and so much more!

If there was ever a place and time to change your eating habits – Marche Forville will switch on the buttons and give you so many ideas for simple good home cooking.

…and yes stop and chat with the locals – they love to tell a tale or two , and can give you the secrets to “Cuisine du Grand Mere” – grand mother recipes!

Its nearly mid day – a sacred time of the day – aperitif – so off to the local wine bar for a glass of Rosé , and who knows, tonight I may be cooking the Mrs an extraordinary local dish!