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History of Art in the Cote D’Azur

A Brief Introduction to the History of Art in the Cote D’Azur and why you should go there! The South of France is no newcomer to the art scene with the cave drawings in the caves of Lascaux going back 20,000 years and made a world heritage site as some of the first ever discovered drawings in the world. The caves were once opened to the public but they are now closed as the pure volume of visitors coupled with air conditioning systems were starting to damage the paintings. The work can still be seen in a reconstructed site in …

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Claudine Belmas Gregoire

Painting on canvas : first and foremost, there is the obligation of the gesture, the impetus that propels me to deposit, connect, build with colour. The reality : a process of perpetual shift of colours, proportions, while taking the precaution of not touching one’s subject too closely. There are incidences which occur between the canvas and myself; encounters between those painted incidents and the eye of the viewer. The imagination: the joy of living, the concrete for the expanse of things, and painting through what one sees, a little of what one thinks. And also – The Mythology: inventing how …

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Gala performance in memory of Maya Plisetskaya

On July 31, 2016, a Gala-performance, dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of Maya Plisetskaya, was held at Cannes Palais des Festivals. The event was organized by Askaneli Art, BALLET2000 and Visual Classics, with the support of Rosatom. Principal dancers and Soloists of the world greatest ballet companies performed at Gala – Principal Dancer with the Mariinsky Ballet Diana Vishneva, Principal Dancer with the Stuttgart Ballet Friedemann Vogel, Principal Dancer with the Vienna State Ballet Davide Dato, as well as Sergio Bernal (Ballet Nacional de España), Vladimir Shklyarov (Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg), Ósiel Gouneo (English National Ballet, with his partner …

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Fun way to tour Cannes with a Segway

Recently we have been invited to discover some of the best ways to get around Cannes – and its region – ‘You Rent Cannes’ is situated on the Old Port– with some amazing toys to play with – they can organise bike rentals, electric car, Vespa tours – in a fun way to discover Cannes with super guides to highlight some of the quirky stories of Cannes – lots of fun for the whole family. In comparative to other major cities Cannes remains rather small – you can walk from one end of the Croisette within a short time  – but …

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The Mirror Mirror Project

Art is a curious thing. Good taste and what is beautiful vary greatly from person to person. The artist VIVI A has been creating art for the last 30 years in many different ways. She has published books, designed logos for blue chip companies and won awards for graphic design. Her ability to look into your soul and design the perfect name, logo or personal identity is part of her creativity. She has recently started to explore digital imaging and her latest exhibition, Mirror Mirror, has been snapped up by the 5 star hotel Le Mas Candille in the French …

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Barbarian Pirates to Lavish Yachts- The History of Cannes

Barbarian Pirates to Lavish Yachts- The History of Cannes Sunset Cannes From Vicious Pirates to Affluent Yachties, the History of Cannes is Truly Fascinating As you gracefully glide into the bustling ports of Cannes, or as you gleefully stroll along the magnificent Croisette dwarfed by the fabulously luxurious palaces that line the oceanfront walkway, it is easy to assume that this now famous playground of the rich and famous has always been so. It is hard to fathom that this elegant city’s origins lie in that of a fishing port, and the tale of our home’s development is rich and …

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Fun Facts about Cannes

Did you know that Clay courts tennis, was in fact, created in Cannes in 1878 by the English ‘Renshaw’ brothers (Ernst and William). As multiple Wimbledon champions from England they spent their summers in Cannes giving tennis lessons. Up until then, tennis was traditionally played on grass but due to the scorching heat, the brothers decided to use clay from a local pottery house in Valaruis to help with the quality of the courts to improve play. Like all great inventions, it’s driven by a need. Due to these creative brothers Cannes soon boasted over 100 tennis courts. Nowadays, over …

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The Morgan Chronicles : First Voyage

Nick Casson, owner of Riviera Classic Car Hire, insisted I should take out my new purchase, a truly classic & iconic Morgan, for a trip before the weather turned for the worse. I had bought the car from Nick while shooting a promotional video for him, he knew that particular vehicle was an all-time favourite of mine & he proposed a scheme whereby I got exclusive ownership & use, but it remains in his garage of rentals in Golfe Juan – so we can both get some cash to cover the running costs. I decided to pop across to the …

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A Birthday Trip to Cannes

Our journey to Cannes this time was a very different affair to the ones we had become accustomed to, as travelling from Newcastle upon Tyne direct to Nice in winter is not possible. Consequently, we had to travel to other UK airports to fly to Nice. However, on this occasion we were going to take an alternative route, via Schiphol, to get to our cherished destination. To be honest, it was a sensible choice, as although we added a couple of hours to our journey, we actually avoided the additional 5 or so hours we would have had to accept …

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Art in Focus – Richard Mas ART

All about art – before getting involved with I Love Cannes – my knowledge of art was very, very limited. Yes I did know about the Picasso’s etc of this world – and yes I do appreciate a good bottle of wine, sunsets etc – can they be considered as art? Well I guess so – from what I gather art is in the eye of the beholder and definitely a heart/soul feeling. Each of us has our own favourites & styles. The Cote d ‘Azur – is defiantly a magnet to all artists and art lovers – you just have …

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Pain like a thousand needles attacking the toes, and moving slowly upward – hitting, chewing at the ankles like an deranged bulldog, then further up to the knees – battering pain, the thighs OOOUCH – the heart thumping thumping pounding – I feel “the alien” reaching out!! then the brain screaming!!! “what the hell are you doing”!!!! JOGGING / RUNNING – YESSSSS What in the hell got me to do this!! – well, let me tell you – I am not what you call fairly fit, I am not what you call small – in fact I am over weight …

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Tattoo Art

What is it ALL about!! TATTOO?? One day you wake up, your mind just blows away, the years are flying past and you find your self unstoppably wanting to get a TATTOO ….. WHY?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo It all and sounds painful – HOWEVER….what if??? Our past, present, future, our philosophy, art – is this what it is all about? are we trying to say something to others or ourselves? I have been to lots of Tattoo boutiques…..and like art….there are some good ones, some bad, and others simply outstanding. There are the usual “Hate / Love” , “Mum /Dad”, then there are the ritual ones originating …

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Winter Dive with Diamond Diving

It’s Sunday 22 November – the skies are blue, the temperature nearly 20°c, the sea is calm and only a slight breeze – it’s going to be another perfect day for a Winter Dive with Diamond Diving . And its mid November! Winter dives are magic – especially with great weather conditions, great diving site and great friends. We arrive at Diamond Diving at 13.30 – just in time for a hot coffee and a warm welcome from Noemie – soon joined by Tim and Fabrice – the show is on the run! Jokes, laughter, great humour are all part of the day – we …

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November weekend in Cannes

What an amazing weekend!!!! Full on action …. One month has gone by since after the storm hit Cannes – and the city is already on its feet!! Not that it was ever down! – hours following the storm that hit the city on the 3rd October the city was full on with the clean up, the City Hall “Marie” had everything under control,  MIPCOM was starting  (the Worlds entertainment content market) with over 13000 participants! And they could only walk by and admire the Cannes attitude! Solidarity. Did the city come to a stand still?? NO – without emails, no …

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Dear Cannes

Dear Cannes, I have never liked you. You overcharge me. You’re not very nice. And you celebrate all the worst aspects of the entertainment industry: Celebrity, exclusivity, vanity, excess. I suppose you’ve never liked me much either. I don’t speak your language. I ask dumb questions about the menu. And I make kids’ TV shows, which, in a town like Cannes, is the equivalent of making finger paintings in Florence. Plus, I’m an American. So, strike three. But the freak storm that hit your town on Saturday night October 3rd changed many things for me. I was eating risotto at …

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Riviera Classic Car Hire is 1 year old!

It’s the perfect day…June 2012 – blue sky and I’M sitting on a fountain in Beaune (French pronunciation: [bon]) which is the wine capital of Burgundy in the Côte d’Or department in eastern France. Sipping good wine and wasting time!! – what can I say? the perfect setting…till…the bl….dy phone kills the moment! – Yes we left the buzzing busy life of London for a long weekend! A break from work , a break full stop! Last minute booking, spur of the moment inspiration and we are driving through the the wine fields in a Bentley and a Fiat 2000 – …

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Artistes du Monde Cannes

What an amazing encounter  and what an even more amazing exposition… which takes place every year in September coinciding with the Royal Regate Yacht dates – and this year being the fifth consecutive year in a row. Have you ever walked by an Art Gallery and never stepped in, as in my case? Either because there was no-one else in, looked too expensive for your pocket, or simply art sitting around on its own. Perhaps too cold and impersonal and when you do step in ….no real explanation about the artist – apart from some brief history ? What I want …

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Located just a short boat trip from the mainland, these two islands offer a wonderful refuge from the holiday crowds found along the French Riviera coast. Known in ancient times as Lérina and Lero, the islands are now named Île Sainte-Marguerite and Île Saint-Honorat after two 4th-century saints and are the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle amidst eucalyptus woods, sunshine and tranquillity. How to get to the Îles de Lérins Ferries to the Îles de Lérins depart from Cannes, Golfe Juan and Juan les Pins however there is no boat service linking the two islands together so you …

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Cannes is a key destination on the French Riviera with a unique mixture of luxury hotels and shopping on the Croisette, a picturesque Old Town (Le Suquet), sun-drenched beaches, an old fishing port and numerous events held at the waterfront Palais des Festivals et Congrès. We’ve curated some essential Must-Know Tips for Yacht Charters in Cannes so you can be sure you’re getting the best advice about Cannes and value from your luxury yacht charter company. Top tips for chartering a yacht in Cannes As one of the French Riviera’s top destinations, chartering a yacht is an ideal option for …

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Signatures of the Cote d’Azur – the Blue Chairs

Ever since the 19th century (and even earlier), France’s Southern Mediterranean Coast has been one of the most important tourist hotspots in Europe. Flooded by increasing numbers of visitors every year, desired by the rich and famous of the world and in the spotlight during the Cannes Film Festival, the Cote d’Azur has numerous signature landmarks and specificities – classically designed 5-star hotels, palm tree-ridden promenades -; the one we’re going to talk about today are the blue chairs(chaises bleues in French). Found all over the luxurious promenades facing the Med, the blue chairs are loved by travellers coming to …

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