Kelly’s Délices and I Love Cannes meet Sushi Home Made at”La Cabane de l’écailler”67dd31_8099da446cd04691bdc98c9ae2d038b6-mv2_d_2448_3060_s_4_2

Our plate arrives and I can not wait, because it’s the sushi tasting plate and I Looooooovveee sushi! especially those!

Ok, the sushi master is a friend, Chef Thuan Dore, but it’s still the best sushi in town!

He is a specialist and the Master sushi! He worked in prestigious establishments in the region and beyond; he has a great culinary signature.

He joined the team in July 2015, he puts his talent and knowledge in the kitchens of La Cabane de l’écailler in Cannes.


Our tasting plate of SUSHIS “Chef’s Sushi Selection”, mix:

* California Maki crab tempura, rolled in soy paper and seaweed, with avocado and cheese

* Nigiri salmon, tuna and shrimp

* Maki crispy tempura, cheese, spicy sauce, salmon roe and wasabi cream

* Veggie Maki cucumber and cheese, pickled radish pickled yellow pearl with yuzu

* Egg roll, crab cheese and tuna wrapped with a scrambled egg sheet Map online sushi67dd31_9b0717da86f94ea78d522e646e8d46ed

Sushi Menu on line:

Thuan Dore and the team of “The Cabin in the chip” for this delicious journey to the land of the rising sun.

2 rue Félix Faure. Tél. : 04 93 68 74 33
Open daily from 9 am to 23h , Continuous Service Capacity Room and Terrace: 120 seats

Principals of the restaurant : Antoine Losfeld and Azouz Ben Slama .

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