Amazing ambiance

Location is usually everything but “Le Bar á Vin”– tucked in a small lane, close to the Gambetta Market, is away from the main buzz and therefore not easy to find for tourists. That’s why it’s mostly filled with regulars, enjoying the aperos from an impressive list of over 100 different wines, all of them served by the glass.

In fact the list was so long that Apero was struggling to decide, using more time reading the big board on IMG_0571the wall then it actually took to drink the white Riesling he ended up with.

“This is immensely enjoyable” he said.
Tiff was equally happy with her rosé wine, so they both smiled happily until the snacks were on the table – a plate of green stuffed olives, crostinis with tapenade IMG_0559of tomato, olive and paté and some strange looking cheese doodles.

“It’s creative with the doodles” said Apero but it taste as if they had been out of the bag since last summer.

The paté was sticky and also tasted old and had seen better times. Apero&Tiff went in to a synchronized depression before they ordered a new round of drinks.
“The atmosphere is so nice here” said Tiff. “Let’s forget about the the disappointing snacks! From here on it can only be better she insisted.”

And “oh wow” was she right!

In a matter of minutes the bar filled up with people, both outside on the four wine barrel tables, and inside around the bar with much laughter and chatter. ”Le Bar á Vin” also has a second floor with cosy aasofas and chairs to launch in AND as a happy surprise for Tiff, a pool table!

Being known for her competitiveness, she looked at Apero like she easily could kill a medium sized bull.

“We are playing for the next round. Get your wallet out.  You are so going to lose” she said.

Apero was no stranger to a round of some game on a night out, even though he was famous for being a bad loser. Off they went upstairs.
“I once played against the American bob sleigh team, and won every single game!” warned Tiff as she set the balls up. This being back in 1994, it turned out to be a false warning shot. After nearly 15 minutes neither of them had sunk a single ball. There was only one way to solve this. Order more drinks.

IMG_0569This of course did not make them any better at playing pool, but the ambiance with soft music, the buzz of all the happy people and the great service at the bar made the evening a hit. After a tie in the game, they went down stairs again and sat at the bar for their fourth round of drinks. The friendly bartender and owner at the Le Bar á Vin was helpful with suggestions for a new wine for Apero.
“They sure know their wines at this place” he concluded. “This was another great taste.”

Tiff decided on a glass of champagne this time and almost slipped off the bar stool when she discovered that they keep the glasses chilled in the fridge.
“I love this place!” she screeched.

Le Bar á Vin has a small menu of “plates” with fromage, charcuterie, foie gras and other dishes to share. aaaIt looked like everyone in the bar was ordering some nibbles at this point and Apero decided to join in.

The plate of charcuterie came shortly after and was big enough to feed a average Indian family. Soft olive bread, delicious salty butter and lots of chorizo, parma and coppa ham, certainly made up for the bad start of the free tapas and for their lack in billiard playing.
aaaaa“I’m kind of feel jealous of myself right now” said Apero, happy with his face full of butter and breadcrumbs.

Tiff agreed. She was equally enthusiastic and after a visit to the toilet, that had scented candles burning and nice decoration, she would have had the next round of champagne sitting there.

“We are definitely coming back to this place!” she said, “but before that I will brush up my pool skills!”
If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you