It’s a Friday night, two of our Ambassadors are having their birthdays – where to go?? – there are literally hundreds of restaurants to choose from – each one as good as the other! – fish, meat, organic, vegetarian, traditional, asian, indian, pizza??? ……. I can go on and on and on – the choice is inexhaustible!

12485950_1048962111836028_490068356300827122_oThen it hit me – Marie-Noelle has a strong link to Corsica! So why not treat ourselves to La Maison Corse?  So there i am chatting away to Michael Marsiglia– the perfect host, for ever cheerful, and helpful –

“Can I book a table for tonight?? six persons??” – “for you John we will move the walls and make it possible” was his answer!  – this is what I like to hear and so typical of the warm Corsican  hospitality! So there we have it , I was able to book a table last minute for 6 – its going to be a fun night!

Patrick Michau and Marie-Noelle – are two very very special friends and long time lovers of “I Love Cannes”!

Our friendship started last year when they got the second prize for our “50 shades of Cannes” photo competition!  – we met up to give the prize and we hit it off straight away – you can not help but just fall for the smiles, enthusiasm for life and photography – spend 5 minutes with them and you will see they are 12486013_1048963648502541_7334497365331832594_ocontagious! Great fun and very special!

Its now 19.30 and we are have just parked our car, walking through Marche Forville – and at this time of night all the stalls are packed away, yet it still remains a beautiful place to walk through – the architecture, lights – we finally make our way to the small square behind the church. For those who have been to Corsica, this is so typical of a typical Corsican old town – the church, the square – and we are in the very centre of CANNES – the perfect setting for La Maison Corse

So what makes this restaurant so special! First of all it is Corsican – and they are true masters of traditional cooking, with a great sense of hospitality and love for their “country” Corsica. Yes, I know, Corsica is part of France, but please do not remind them….the service will change ha hIMG_6514a ha. Corsican, French love is comparable to England, French love! – only kidding, well……

Secondly you will have to go for yourselves, its an experience you will remember and want to “Like & Share” – Face Book terminology!

12473503_1048962191836020_2327215977388584799_oWe arrive and we have our table inside,  facing the kitchens – one of the best places to be – the frenzied chefs cooking away – traditional dishes traditional home cooking – what better?

The first thing we ask for is a Pietra –  Beer of the land and nature, it is a specialty beer, of low fermentation. Using traditional methods it is brewed from selected malts and Corsican chestnut flour. And goes down all too well! 

Hanging meats, cheese platters, and wall to wall delicacies from Corsica – Honey, jams, terrines..not to mention the local liqueurs 12511008_10206467331855587_166283957_o-2“Myrte” and Whisky?? LM – for all you amateur whisky drinkers this has to be on top of your list!  and then at the                                            far end of the hall is the log fire and wild boar head! The wild boar being one of many of Corsica’s emblems. The log fire is roaring away and the “Figatelu”  pilled up just IMG_6522waiting to be savoured! (A Corsican sausage mostly made of pork liver (figatellu originates from the word « fegatu » which means « liver » in Corsican language), figatelli (plural form of figatellu) are also made of meat, meager and fat. When aromatised with garlic, spices and wine, they taste even more exceptional.)

The menu is on the table with a selection of great wines once again from Corsica – Polenta and veal, or Omelette Brucchio (Produced on the island of Corsica, brocciu is considered the national food. Like ricotta, it is a young white cheese and is paired frequently with Corsican white wines.)

Our choice was made – first to start with an amazing platter of meat cuts and cheese – Lonzo, coppa, cheese with local jams – then Polenta veal, and to end it all a IMG_6516great dessert – all nicely minced down with a great dose of “Myrtre” (It is obtained from the myrtle plant through the alcoholic maceration of the berries or a compound of berries and leaves).

All of this all combined with the loving, friendly staff and an amazing cook, a dose of good friends – makes the setting for a great night!12528226_10206467331095568_1870678369_o

Here is what my friends thought of the dinner, and if you go, please send us a photo and let us know what you think??

Line Duval – “Superbe adresse! Véritable cantine corse avec sa cheminée pour les amateurs de Figatellu. Tout est bon : la charcuterie, le veau et sa polenta, les desserts au miel du maquis, sans oublier la myrte à la fin du repas. A recommander.”

Pat Denton – “a very cosy place, with a friendly atmosphere – excellent, Corsican cuisine at reasonable rates, the Maison Corse has a good humored, family feel to it & they make you quite at home. We were celebrating Patrick & Marie-Noelle’s birthday & the staff joined in with singing ‘joyeaous anniversiare’ & gave them desserts with candles & complimentary liquors – a most agreeable experience”

12510072_10206467328695508_653580757_o-2Marie-Noelle “Pour un diner en amoureux, un repas entre copains? Une soirée réussie, un déjeuner de qualité, c’est ici, à la Cantine Corse, que vous trouverez un accueil chaleureux dans un cadre authentique!!! Une véritable cuisine typique, servie par une équipe à vos petits soins, vous vous sentirez en famille!!!”

Patrick Michau “J’ai découvert cet endroit pour la première fois et ce ne fut que réjouissances ! Accueil chaleureux et authentique, cadre simple mais original avec cette table tout en longueur de la salle et la belle cheminée en bout ou trône fièrement la tête d’un sanglier…Quant au repas, ce fut un régal…Nous avons dégusté le sauté de veau aux olives et l’omelette au bruccio sans en laisser une miette ! Une adresse où il fait bon se retrouver entre amis(es) ! like emoticon “

Thank you La Maison Corse for the great night! See you very soon!!