It all started several weeks ago now….

We were covering a “Vernisage” of Johann Art-Cannes-Tattoo at the gallery Espen – some amazing art work, not just on bodies, also on canvas!

Then, as we mingled, chatted, drank and admired the art work, we are introduced to Kelly! –

Who is Kelly? I hear you ask..kellys-delices_food-blog_ss-etoiles

Kelly’s Delices Food Blog Kelly’s Delices

An incredible encounter – Us and a lover of traditional home cooking – minutes later sparks, fireworks, my head was spinning, ideas and possibilities were just spinning in our heads! We had to meet up soon – we could definitely feel the excitement of an amazing ingredients mixture!

The date was set, Pat Denton, Kelly and myself were sitting sipping home brewed tea, eating some wonderful home made cake – I feel it’s going to be a fun day.

How do we start? – We sit it out and discuss various projects – I guess we glued together our various competencies – We could help show case Kelly’s Delices…and how do we do this?? First of all having fun! The major ingredient, then find an original way to showcase the food!

The project, Kelly’s Kitchen, is born – this will be a monthly feature on I Love Cannes – The idea is to show you all how to cook simple delicious dishes for the 12628488_1057203167678589_6635094793757361568_owhole family, friends to enjoy – and highlighting the fact that cooking can be lots of fun, easy, & also quick. We will be visiting the local markets such as Marche Forville – showing you how to choose the right ingredients, fruit , vegetables, meat, fish – and meet the locals for local knowledge of traditional dishes.

Through Kelly’s Kitchen we will be showcasing Kelly’s Delices and putting forward her great recipes.

In her own words…  “I’m Kelly, kitchen pationate, that love was given to me by my grandmother. 

I’m Franco-Dutch origin but not that… I grew up in Belgium, my country heart that I am very attached. From kindergarden I am surrounded by friends from all walks, Europeans, Lebanese, Indians, Americans, Argentines… A grandmother Armeniene, epicurians parents, who love to eat. I had the chance to travel, my culinary adventures made me discover a delicious melting-pot of flavours and spices

 In short, we love eating and above table sharing.

I’m going with my blog “Kelly’s Délices” make you discover its blends and my favorites.

 “Welcome in my

World of Food

& Enjoy MY Making”

All I can say is that her passion and love for home made food just naturally and simply flows through her – her simplicity shines, her passion sparkles and her dishes are just ………so delicious! Try her recipes out and find out for yourselves.

We recently put the show on the road!! Well at her mothers home in Mougins – the ingredients were prepared on the table, Pat got the cameras and videos in place – And Kelly’s assistant “her lovely mother” was helping set up the menu.. and so naturally as Kelly is – the show started – the ingredients were mixed, her explanation so simple and interesting! This is what we want you all to benefit from this experience. Give you the urge to go out to the local market, and make some good home cooking!! And through Kelly’s Delices you will soon throw away all the frozen foods, ready made meals ….and start having some real cooking fun for the whole family to enjoy!


We will also be producing a bimonthly blog, to introduce you all to the exciting menus to be found in Cannes and around, meet the cooks, chat about the hidden gems, and give you the insight, info and guides to the places to savour…

Enjoy our Blog with Kelly’s Delices, have lots of fun with our recipes, and should you have any to share with us, then please feel free to contact us.

Enjoy this weeks video – a great Cake:

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Photos and Video by Pat Denton