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History of Art in the Cote D’Azur

A Brief Introduction to the History of Art in the Cote D’Azur and why you should go there! The South of France is no newcomer to the art scene with the cave drawings in the caves of Lascaux going back 20,000 years and made a world heritage site as some of the first ever discovered drawings in the world. The caves were once opened to the public but they are now closed as the pure volume of visitors coupled with air conditioning systems were starting to damage the paintings. The work can still be seen in a reconstructed site in …

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Cote D'AzureSports

Marco Grilli

Marco Grilli – Waterski Instructor and Ski club owner in Cap d’Antibes I was referred to Marco Grilli by the head concierge at the Hotel Belles Rives. He suggested that Marco would be interesting to interview as he has been here for over 50 years. Marco Grilli Water Ski instructor and owner of the Waterski school at the Hotel Belles Rives. Marco has been Waterskiing here since he was a young boy. When I met with Marco on the pontoon of the hotel he had just been out on the water with one of the guests’ daughter. It was her first …

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Rando d’Azur

Bonjour à tous ! Je suis Maddy, née à Marseille il y a 25 ans, passionnée de nature et de sport depuis toujours. Après plusieurs années de travail dans le tourisme, quelques voyages, beaucoup de rencontres et un diplôme de Guide de randonnée… j’ai décidé de m’insta ller à Cannes, cette ville magnifique entre mer et montagne. C’est pour moi Le Paradis des amoureux de la nature et ceux qui ne tiennent pas en place : randonnées à pied ou à vélo, baignade et bronzette en été, ski en hiver, kitesurf… Ici on peut tout faire ! Et je les pratique tous ! En …

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Yulia Moatti – Personal Shopper

Yulia Moatti est la fondatrice de son agence de Personal Shopper & Conseil en style sur Cannes. Née à Moscou Yulia Moatti étudie le Fashion stylisme dans une des plus grandes écoles de la capitale. En 2003, elle s’installe en France et intègre les plus grandes maisons de la Haute Couture sur la Côte d’Azur. En parallèle en mars 2006 elle ouvre son agence-web sur Cannes et dirige la direction artistique des designs graphiques de la marque J&J MOATTI et beaucoup d’autres.   Pendant 8 ans elle travaille en tant que Personal shopper & Styliste personnelle pour une clientèle aisée. …

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Claudine Belmas Gregoire

Painting on canvas : first and foremost, there is the obligation of the gesture, the impetus that propels me to deposit, connect, build with colour. The reality : a process of perpetual shift of colours, proportions, while taking the precaution of not touching one’s subject too closely. There are incidences which occur between the canvas and myself; encounters between those painted incidents and the eye of the viewer. The imagination: the joy of living, the concrete for the expanse of things, and painting through what one sees, a little of what one thinks. And also – The Mythology: inventing how …

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Qautio Real Estate Agency – Claus Fermann

  Claus Fermann arrived in Cannes back in 2008. Prior to this, he had been working as an international management consultant in the IT (Information Technology) industry, delivering his management services and skills to some of the worlds largest IT companies, such as Oracle and Hewlett-Packard, in Sophia-Antipolis. Cannes marked a radical life changer for Claus Fermann, who decided to not only to change completely his professional life from IT to real estate, but also his lifestyle.  “Before I had 300 travelling days a year and I travelled around all the time. Now I stay here in Cannes at least 300 …

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Gala performance in memory of Maya Plisetskaya

On July 31, 2016, a Gala-performance, dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of Maya Plisetskaya, was held at Cannes Palais des Festivals. The event was organized by Askaneli Art, BALLET2000 and Visual Classics, with the support of Rosatom. Principal dancers and Soloists of the world greatest ballet companies performed at Gala – Principal Dancer with the Mariinsky Ballet Diana Vishneva, Principal Dancer with the Stuttgart Ballet Friedemann Vogel, Principal Dancer with the Vienna State Ballet Davide Dato, as well as Sergio Bernal (Ballet Nacional de España), Vladimir Shklyarov (Mariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg), Ósiel Gouneo (English National Ballet, with his partner …

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The Circus is back in town

The Circus is back in town… http://www.cirque-gruss.com Do you remember the very first time you went to the Circus as a kid?? – the large colourful tent, the music, the ambiance, the popcorn, sitting down with your parents and the lights go out…silence…the show is just about to begin! – the music lights up and a large bellowing voice announcing the programme – and then the magic of the circus just over whelms you, and you slip into the amazing world of acrobats, exotic dancers, lions & tigers ….not to mention the lovable clowns falling over each other! …. Well …

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Cafes and RestaurantsCafes and RestaurantsKelly's Delices

Les Sushis du Chef Thuan Dore, à “La Cabane de l’écailler” Cannes

Kelly’s Délices and I Love Cannes meet Sushi Home Made at”La Cabane de l’écailler” Our plate arrives and I can not wait, because it’s the sushi tasting plate and I Looooooovveee sushi! especially those! Ok, the sushi master is a friend, Chef Thuan Dore, but it’s still the best sushi in town! He is a specialist and the Master sushi! He worked in prestigious establishments in the region and beyond; he has a great culinary signature. He joined the team in July 2015, he puts his talent and knowledge in the kitchens of La Cabane de l’écailler in Cannes. Our tasting plate of SUSHIS “Chef’s Sushi Selection”, …

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DJ Robles – live

Bruno Robles fait son festival Dj sur les plages de Cannes en Juillet Cela fait 30 ans qu’il vous réveille tous les matins et qu’il vous accompagne de bonne humeur à la radio ! Alors qu’il se destinait à une carrière de musicien professionnel, Bruno Roblès a très vite croisé la route des micros de radio. De ses passages à Skyrock et NRJ jusqu’à l’animation de la matinale de RFM ainsi que Présentateur Tv sur TF1. Avec son complice Pascal Gigot, il crée le Festival Roblès sur NRJ. Pendant six ans, de 1995 à 2001, ils animent ensemble les matinales …

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Fun Facts about CannesPhotographyUncategorized

Près de Cannes

Cannes, ville des stars cinématographiques, a plus d’une destination enchanteresse à ses portes… Par exemple la lavande, fabuleuse plante au parfum inimitable…Où aller pour la découvrir sous toutes ses formes, depuis les plantations jusqu’aux récoltes, puis les extraits pour la parfumerie, jusqu’aux savons et autres bienfaitrices effluves… Fort simple, vous prenez la direction des gorges du Verdon… ( Le Muy-Draguignan-Ste Croix, Via A8 et D49 ) Il faut compter 2 heures à un rythme tranquille en voiture et 135 kms…Oui mais vous ne le regretterez vraiment pas, c’est sublime ! Petite route de montagne où les lacets se succèdent aux …

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