Tiff was waiting impatiently outside the newly renovated Bambou Café when Apero arrived 12 minutes after scheduled this evening. Already half finished with a glass of champagne and the snacks on the table as her only company.
“You´re late” she said in a sarcastic voice.
“Well, this place is almost in Italy” snaps Apero back, referring to the location high at the end of rue d´Antibes.IMG_0045

IMG_0048Bambou Café re-opened just weeks ago after being closed for over a month to do a complete “make over”. And it was about time. Now it has gone from a slightly tired café to a more modern and elegant eatery, with an open kitchen, bigger bar, and a long wall to wall sofa with bright coloured pillows and new tables. Everywhere on surfaces there are small Bamboo trees, as a reminder of the name of the café – a nice touch. Even the people working had changed their style, wearing all black and with long aprons.

“This looks so much better” said Tiff satisfied, sipping at her glass. “Upon arrival, the service was smily and friendly too”. Apero was too busy staring at the plate of snacks to take any notice of the new interior of Bambou. “Not everything is good” he said, looking at the small bowls of canned olives, boring tiny pretzels and …“What is this? he continued, “Dry fruit?”Not exactly a first choice to accompany his glass of 1664 beer.

IMG_0009Bambou has an OK selection of drinks, beer and wine and great prices. A glass of champagne is only 7 euro and their house wines goes for a fiver. The menu consists of salads, pizzas, meat, fish, pasta and a daily “plat du jour”, that is displayed on a big board outside. They also have an “After hour” snack menu of foie gras, charcuterie, cheese and different cocktails.

While sitting outside Apero&Tiff got the impression that many of the customers was regulars, some just stopping by for a chat with the staff or having a quick pause on route. Being close to many shops it was definitely a typical after work place for many.

IMG_0031“Lets go inside and order a second round” suggested Tiff. “I want to try the sofa”. Apero, still exhausted after his long walk had already absorbed his beer like a sponge. He was ready for a the sofa too, and quickly ordered a new beer and a glass of bubbles for Tiff.
“I am actually happy with the fact that they don’t bring us anymore of the bad snacks “ he said.

But soon as he had said that, there was a new plate on offer. This time though, it was small onion pizza slices for them to munch IMG_0034on. A nice surprise!

“What do you think of the atmosphere?” asked Tiff. “It kind of don’t … It doesn’t do anything for me” replied Apero. “I like the new style but something is missing”. “Maybe its your mood that is missing” said Tiff. “Try a glass of wine!” And so he did.

The service was still nice and friendly, and while the place slowly started to fill up with more guests, Apero&Tiff enjoyed their evening chatting away over the next round. Then it got even friendlier when a free round of wine and champagne suddenly appeared on their small corner table – even before they had finished their last order. Apero’s smile widened by almost 4 inches.

“Now we are talking” he said enthusiastically, even though yet another dreaded plate of tiny pretzels and fruit arrived.

When the bill came, it turned out to be a very enjoyable price for their time at the new Bambou Café.
“Great service, its all about the people working here” concluded Tiff flushing down the last glass.

If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you!