Recently we have been invited to discover some of the best ways to get around Cannes – and its region –
thumb_DSCN3505_1024You Rent Cannes’ is situated on the Old Port– with some amazing toys to play with – they can organise bike rentals, electric car, Vespa tours – in a fun way to discover Cannes with super guides to highlight some of the quirky stories of Cannes – lots of fun for the whole family.
In comparative to other major cities Cannes remains rather small – you can walk from one end of the Croisette within a short time  – but what would be a great way to discover and have fun at the same time?
Some of the I Love Cannes team were offered a chance to try out the “Segway” experience – Pat Denton, KellyCosti and my self – and what fun we had!!
We walked into the shop, signed off the paper work and before we knew it, we were all in the very good hands of thumb_DSCN3495_1024Thibault – He equipped us and spent time with each and one of us to show us how easy it is to take control of a Segway….. well in some cases longer for some – not to mention any names, Pat 🙂 🙂 ha ha ha.
I have always wanted to try one of these two wheelers, but was too embarrassed – my size, my weight, I’m just going to fall flat on my back!! I mean how do you balance on 2 large wheels?? – well it’s simple, the Segway does it for you! and Thibault showed us the way – check out the thumb_DSCN3494_1024video. Within 5 minutes we were zooming, slaloming around, and having fun!
Now the idea behind “You Rent Cannes” is to allow for couples, families, groups to have fun, and discover Cannes from a different angle. The Segway seems to be a great option to get around easily, and with the guide to  tell you all about the interesting facts and stories – makes this option so personalised, something you are not going to forget.
DCIM100GOPROG0072024.We certainly will not forget the experience, laughing at each other during the 5 minute training by Thibault – how to use our body to simply manoeuvre the 2 wheeler! – and before we knew it we were whizzing through Cannes at no more than 10km/h – slaloming around obstacles – and Thibault made the experience interesting by telling us some great stories about Cannes – NOT a history lesson, simply good fun and humorous anecdotes.
The tours are varied for everyone – you simply choose a 30m tour or a 1h to 2 hour – we recommend at least the one hour tour, as the training is included in the time and if you are a large group this can take some time! –
DCIM100GOPROG0072075.1 Hour tour – Takes you through the old Harbour, Palais Des Festivals, Croisette Rose Garden, Port Canto – Return – 30€ per Segway
2 Hour Tour – Same as the 1h , with an additional tour through the old town, Market Forville – up to the top of the Suquet for an amazing 360° panorama of the city – 50€ per Segway
For Information and bookings: YouRent-Cannes , 22 Quai Saint Pierre, 06400 Cannes