OK, you are in Cannes for a trip, convention or visiting friends…….

You’ve been to the usual spots, beaches, walked down the shopping streets, visited the markets… and this has now made you feel very very hungry!

DSCN2871Well this is what happened to me.. all this walking around, sight seeing and YES we are in the south of France on the Mediterranean, walking along side the Vieux Port de Cannes  – with Pat Denton (Attitude Productions) and Kelly (Kelly’s Delices) and I am now hungry!!

I have had the super salad on the beach, a great Italian, and now I am looking for something special – WHERE?? WHAT??

Then it strikes me – why not a fish restaurant? – there are plenty in town, and we are after all, situated on one of the finest fishing resort around Vieux Port Cannes – there are around 30 families fishing the Mediterranean sea, for the best quality wild fish to be had! – My taste buds are already tingling away.

I have been told about the new restaurant – “La Cabana De L’Ecailler” situated right in the very centre – on 2 Felix Faure – and what 67dd31_8ec854beb0e94c569a2888af50e67477a situation! magical.

Now from the outside – this does look rather chic with its trendy upmarket designer decor – what about the prices? Well I was surprised..

They have a very exciting lunch menu from 19€ per person, and the wine list??? Hand selected for each course – they really do know there business!  With prices that really help you will enjoy your meal!

http://www.lacabanedelecailler.com/restaurant-poisson-fruits-de-mer-sushi-cannes/ – this is the menu in English.

We arrive and are welcomed by Antoine Losfeld , the associated director, and himself a renowned chef with an amazing palmaerasie to his name!

DSCN2866We sit at the outside terrace – once again we are delighted with the refined decor – definitely NOT a tourist trap!

We settle down to an aperitif – well we might as well make the most of it! – Château Rasque Blanc de blanc to prepare the palette, served with a selection of mouth watering appetisers – refined and so well presented!  You can tell the chef really goes out the way to not only serve the best, but to present the dishes in the most artistic manner – what a delight for the eyes.

Now the service is just as smooth, discrete, as is the chic decor! – AND  they speak perfect English – they could explain to us all the delights on the menu! – what a change!!!

This is what makes this place so special and some have made comments on Trip Advisor concerning the pricing! – now this is what your paying for.. the fish is direct from the local fishermen of Cannes, only fishing the free roaming fish! NOT farmed! – this means061 it does not get any better, fresher than what you can see – on the plateaux – and the Mediterranean fish have their own chart of excellence! – so yes your sitting down to what is the best quality, fresh pick of the day and it does make all the difference!

We then order and enjoy the sumptuous selection of Sushi – freshly selected – to die for! Made on the spot by le Chef Thuan Dore – http://www.lacabanedelecailler.com/pdf/carte_sushi_cannes_lacabanedelecailler.pdf

As we read on in the menu – we realise you can also order to take away, home, villa, boat delivery, so if I am not able to get into 12961292_1111544608911111_8903647935177061669_otown, just simply pick up the phone and order – now that’s a refreshing idea!

The next course arrives – it just seems to be getting better and better.. and as always the dishes are so well presented – art on a plate!

….and for those wondering – YES there is a selected choice of meat on the menu – and the wine to go with it! 67dd31_4d8e0f8a79f542edac046df98c6c4b17 There again this is the Mecca to fish, so go for it and enjoy!

Our Photographer Pat Denton had this to say about his experience:

“Firstly, you are impressed with the classy interior decor, which has been designed by an architect & the materials used are top quality. Large pieces of wood have been abundantly used which have been imported from Asia & the overall feeling is very chic. The service is friendly & good humoured & the English speaking 12998248_1111544688911103_5035035480121586740_ostaff are keen to explain & talk about the creation of each dish. Finally, of course, what makes the whole dining experience is the food – locally sourced seafood is a main feature & the specialist sushi chef is the best in town!”

… and our food critic Kelly’s Delice : “http://www.kellysdelices.com/#!Notre-Seafood-Lunch-à-La-Cabane-de-Lécailler-Cannes/cmbz/571a1eb20cf253d6b39c61f1

We then got chatting away to Antoine – he happily showed us around, the refined cellar, and other parts of the restaurant – being on two floors -the tables are totally amazing, they really went out of the way to make the experience special – even a top floor terrace with amazing views of the old town – a great place for a private dinner party – he then explains about the concept of “La Cabana De L’Ecailler” – and about their other restaurants situated along the coast line: check them out on their web 12961297_1111544695577769_6076839323923949840_opage http://www.lacabanedelecailler.com/index.php

We definitely will be coming back soon – and will try out their Take Away service – just for fun, as the location is so special and enjoyable to sit around and let the day slip by slowly!

Useful info!

Privatization, for your private business meals events, group, lunch formula on slate week, cocktail and / or buffet dinner, meeting …. Set over 2 floors, with two terraces,

Cabane de l’Ecailler offers his team and their expertise … modular spaces for partial or full privatization.

 You will find on the site all information about restaurants, menu, trays and sale prevailed

Info Site Cannes


Two institutions hold the master restorer title: La Cabane in Cagnes sur Mer and flake

The Cabin of flake Saint Jean Cap Ferrat


 The restaurants:

* Cannes

2 Rue Felix Faure. Such. : 04 93 68 74 33

Open daily from 9 am to 23h, Continuous Service

Capacity Room and Terrace: 120 seats

Principals of the restaurant: Antoine Losfeld and Azouz Ben Slama.

* Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat

New Port de Plaisance, 06230 Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

Such. : 04 93 87 39 31

Open daily from February to October from 9h to 23h, Continuous Service Capacity Room and Terrace: 80 seats

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

*Cagnes sur mer

24 Avenue des Oliviers 06800 Cagnes sur Mer.

Such. : 04 93 31 68 60

Open daily from 9 am to 15h and 18h to 23h

Capacity Room and Terrace: 120 seats

Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence


Website: http://www.lacabanedelecailler.com