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Fashion is symbolic with Cannes. We will bring you the latest styles and fashion to hit Cannes!


Yulia Moatti – Personal Shopper

Yulia Moatti est la fondatrice de son agence de Personal Shopper & Conseil en style sur Cannes. Née à Moscou Yulia Moatti étudie le Fashion stylisme dans une des plus grandes écoles de la capitale. En 2003, elle s’installe en France et intègre les plus grandes maisons de la Haute Couture sur la Côte d’Azur. En parallèle en mars 2006 elle ouvre son agence-web sur Cannes et dirige la direction artistique des designs graphiques de la marque J&J MOATTI et beaucoup d’autres.   Pendant 8 ans elle travaille en tant que Personal shopper & Styliste personnelle pour une clientèle aisée. …

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Just made another exciting new partnership – one which actually started many many years ago…… 10 years ago I was wandering the streets of Cannes – looking for the the birthday gift for my wife!  – I strolled down Rue D’Antibes, where all the major boutiques are found – then down the side streets looking for a smaller boutique with original ideas – still nothing hits me! I then decide to go for a walk along the La Croisette” – to refresh my mind…I still do not know what to get! and time is ticking away (very appropriate!) I then …

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The Mirror Mirror project

The fashion world is often seen as materialistic and superficial, even though the designing and making of clothes is an art form. We are attracted by the beauty in the ­window ­displays, wishing to aquire the ­creations we see and desire. But the display also ­reflects something else; the beauty you can not buy that is seen through the glass. The sea, the sky, the trees and ­the architecture. It is this merge of two worlds, in the layers of what is displayed in the ­fashion shops and on the other side of the street, that is ­reflected in the …

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Eden Park opens in Cannes

This week, we received an invite to one of Cannes’s newest boutiques. Pat Denton, our photographer, and I, made our way to the official opening of the latest boutique in Cannes – EDEN PARK. Wow were we impressed – quality, casual mens clothing with an even more impressive back ground! Originally set up to sell elegant high quality casual wear for men , Eden Park has now evolved, selling both women and children wear! So a brand with such a history, it only seems natural that they are also the official sponsor for the UK, Irish, Italian and French rugby …

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