This week, we received an invite to one of Cannes’s newest boutiques.

Pat Denton, our photographer, and I, made our way to the official opening of the latest boutique in Cannes – EDEN PARK.

Wow were we impressed – quality, casual mens clothing with an even more impressive back ground!

Originally set up to sell elegant high quality casual wear for men , Eden Park has now evolved, selling both women and children wear!

So a brand with such a history, it only seems natural that they are also the official sponsor for the UK, Irish, Italian and French rugby teams, as well as the French National hand ball and volley ball teams.

The boutique filled up quickly – the champagne flowed and the appetisers went down very well! The quality expected from such a name “Eden Park” – the clients were all elegant and enthusiastic about the new autumn collection – certainly a top winner!

We had a very interesting chat with David Marcheix – “Eden Park” Sales Manager – who explained the history behind the name and the reason behind the “pink dicky bow” – and of course his excitement for the new opening in Cannes.

The ‘pink dicky bow’ is the brand’s famous logo, and comes from 1987 when 5 French International players decided to play the French Championship final wearing pink bow ties!

We would like to thank Carole CALVET – the Boutique’s Manager – who invited us, and her staff – maybe one day they will sponsor ILC 🙂

Eden Park can be found at:

42/44 Rue des Serbes

06400 CANNES – Tel 04 83 28 17 40