It’s that time of year again!! Christmas… and like many…I NEED some gift ideas!!

Every Christmas it’s the same old story looking for something different, original and especially affordable. What to do – I am walking through the busy streets of Cannes, the weather is just amazing, warm and blue skies – needless to say that after all the walking around a lunch date is required and as incredible as it sounds we eat outside in the warmth of the winter sun, sipping a great glass of rosé! – however the discussion 12342394_1028099530588953_2803495929752698281_nsoon turns to WHAT to get for Christmas!! I need Christmas shopping ideas in Cannes!!

Am I the only one with this headache??

Rue Antibes – yes great for the larger boutiques like the Zara, Fnac, Sephora – and definitely a great place for all pockets – so many people seeking out the great winter deals.

Then there are the upmarket streets like Rue Commandant Andre and the amazing Croisette boutiques – but definitely aimed at the higher end buyers – maybe one day ….

Did you know Cannes has the highest concentration of boutiques in Europe!? yes Paris, London, Milan etc are icons for shopping, however you have to hop onto a metro or bus to get around! Cannes.. well it is all possible by foot! And under a blue sky this is just so unique! I turn the corner and start walking down Rue Meynadier – now this is a street with just about everything and for every pocket – smaller boutiques, from the “kiss me quick” boutiques to some great original boutiques, not to mention some amazing food stores….cheese, local biscuits and then I see it – the perfect shop! Just what I am looking for – and something for everyone – this is it!!!!!

EPICERIE PROVENCALE (Première Pression Provence Cannes) – in January the shop will get married to “Maison Brémond 1830” who are well know for their pastry and sweet delights.

This little boutique is enormous in what it has to offer, its philosophy, its design. For the past 7 years they have defended the local traditions, local producers – The owner Olivier Baussan is a passionate man – and a fierce defender of the traditional small producers of the region, and with his wife they have personalised the packaging to really put in value in the products they sell. The photos speak for themselves – a contemporary design, chic, and so inviting! He also owns the famous Occitane shops – so a real live local champion!

The local producers are selected for their quality and traditions – and this generally means they are Organic products – a list of all producers are available at the shop, with a map locating where they are! – now this I really appreciated – and what a great idea for a day trip to go and see them and take in all this passion for quality products. I feel a travel blog may be required soon 🙂

From hand creams, soaps to wine, olive oils, vinegars, jams, pate, the list just goes on – the one stop shop providing the table – and with Christmas just around the corner some great box sets!

All I have to say is that Laurence and Rosemarie will be very happy to meet with you – show you around, taste some of the local delights – they are for ever looking for new products to sell they are so great to be with, once again passion and tradition – is the main focus!

So go and take a stroll through Rue Meynadier, and let you be seduced by EPICERIE PROVENCALE (Première Pression Provence Cannes) – and like me I am sure you will find what you are looking for!

Enjoy , Bon appetite and send me your feedback!


Words: John Weaving

Photos: Pat Denton

More Photos from Pat here: Pat Denton Pinterest