More fuzz then fizz

Le Suquet has the oldest steepest street in Cannes. Lined with little restaurants perched on the sides of the street, all serving different foods – popular by the locals and crowded wirh tourists during the high season. There are also some small bars for those who just want to have an apero and do some people watching. One of them is Charly´s Bar, smack in the middle of this cobbled street.

IMG_3566-2Apero&Tiff were early this evening and had plenty of choice where to sit even though many of the tables outside had not been cleaned from the last customer.
” Its not as if it’s so busy that they have no time to tidy” up says Apero, as Tiff wiggles herself down at a corner table outside where the left overs from earlier guest are still on show.

” Don’t be so negative” replies Tiff. ”Look they have a great cocktail menu. Lets order!”

IMG_3565-2The young girl working at the bar is quick to their needs, cleans up the mess but forgets to wash the table, resulting in Apero getting stuck to the table when he leans over to look at the menu. He wants a beer but goes for a G&T, hoping it will lift his first impression. The decision should turned out to be bad.

The snacks arrive shortly. A nice plate with nuts, nachos, salsa dip, tapenade, capers and a basket of bread.

” Oh, this is lovely ”, amuses Tiff. ” Is that tuna tapenade ? ”

Apero is not listening. He is stirring frantically in his G&T as if he was trying to make foam out of the pIMG_3574-2oor thing.

” There is no carbon in this tonic. Nothing. Its like the Dead Sea. I think its even killed the gin ” he says.

Tiffs champagne however is chilled and full of fizz.

” Dont be so dramatic she says. Just go inside and talk to the nice woman and I am sure you’ll get a new one ”.

And so he does, comes back and by the expression on his face, Tiff knows it will be a short evening.

” She refused to give me a new one, arguing with me that it was a new bottle of tonic. I reckon she used the last of the flat tonic and tried to top it up with 2cm of new” he says.

They sit in silence for 3 minutes, who for Tiff feels like a whole week. Charly´s have a great location in one of Cannes most attractive streets for people when IMG_5006they want to enjIMG_5009oy a drink and a good meal, but the service do not match up this evening.

” It’s sad says Tiff. Even though the atmosphere and the place is looking good, it kills the mood when they don´t set the clients needs first ”.

” If we come back says Apero, I will order the beer instead and hope for a more fizzy night ”.




If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you!