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All the best photos of Cannes, including photos sent in by the people of Cannes and visitors to the city! Cannes photography is best

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Près de Cannes

Cannes, ville des stars cinématographiques, a plus d’une destination enchanteresse à ses portes… Par exemple la lavande, fabuleuse plante au parfum inimitable…Où aller pour la découvrir sous toutes ses formes, depuis les plantations jusqu’aux récoltes, puis les extraits pour la parfumerie, jusqu’aux savons et autres bienfaitrices effluves… Fort simple, vous prenez la direction des gorges du Verdon… ( Le Muy-Draguignan-Ste Croix, Via A8 et D49 ) Il faut compter 2 heures à un rythme tranquille en voiture et 135 kms…Oui mais vous ne le regretterez vraiment pas, c’est sublime ! Petite route de montagne où les lacets se succèdent aux …

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The Morgan Chronicles : First Voyage

Nick Casson, owner of Riviera Classic Car Hire, insisted I should take out my new purchase, a truly classic & iconic Morgan, for a trip before the weather turned for the worse. I had bought the car from Nick while shooting a promotional video for him, he knew that particular vehicle was an all-time favourite of mine & he proposed a scheme whereby I got exclusive ownership & use, but it remains in his garage of rentals in Golfe Juan – so we can both get some cash to cover the running costs. I decided to pop across to the …

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Photography in Focus – James Robinson Taylor

I first came to Cannes in 1996; I was looking for a good gathering of classic yachts and my colleague and mentor Bert Richner suggested I give it a go. It was still the analogue era and I worked out of my van, bunk and laboratory. Once gaining my yearly go-ahead from Mr. Oderò, I’d bring my van in with the other photographers; we were a great gathering and the Regates Royales proved an excellent venue for our work. We were hard core photographers, developing our own film in our vans. I could process about twelve to sixteen rolls a …

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Tattoo Art

What is it ALL about!! TATTOO?? One day you wake up, your mind just blows away, the years are flying past and you find your self unstoppably wanting to get a TATTOO ….. WHY?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo It all and sounds painful – HOWEVER….what if??? Our past, present, future, our philosophy, art – is this what it is all about? are we trying to say something to others or ourselves? I have been to lots of Tattoo boutiques…..and like art….there are some good ones, some bad, and others simply outstanding. There are the usual “Hate / Love” , “Mum /Dad”, then there are the ritual ones originating …

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Winter Dive with Diamond Diving

It’s Sunday 22 November – the skies are blue, the temperature nearly 20°c, the sea is calm and only a slight breeze – it’s going to be another perfect day for a Winter Dive with Diamond Diving . And its mid November! Winter dives are magic – especially with great weather conditions, great diving site and great friends. We arrive at Diamond Diving at 13.30 – just in time for a hot coffee and a warm welcome from Noemie – soon joined by Tim and Fabrice – the show is on the run! Jokes, laughter, great humour are all part of the day – we …

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Wedding and Commercial Photographer, Pat Denton. Contributing Editor on I Love Cannes

Photography in Focus – Pat Denton

I Love Cannes contributing editor Pat Denton first became interested in photography while travelling extensively working on cruise ships: South Africa, South Sea Islands, Australia, Caribbean & the USA. He studied at the prestigious Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida & eventually moved to Paris where he became an international press photographer for the London based agency WENN (World Entertainment News Network). His worldwide published images include: Madonna, Robbie Williams, Sharon Stone, Lenny Kravitz and Claudia Schiffer. He started doing weddings in Paris in the ’90s and founded Revelation Studios specialising in ‘reportage’ weddings in 2000 after moving to Cannes. In Pat’s own …

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Our Holiday

A short travel blog by Mark Walters from the UK: We travelled from Sussex, UK to Nice via Gatwick. We stayed in one of Hotel Le Florian’s apartments on Rue du Commandant André. We have stayed in Cannes several times before, but the Hotel Le Florian was an excellent choice. The continental breakfast was more than we could eat (and we did try), the apartment was clean and spacious, with the location being excellent. We visited many places during our 8 day stay. St Tropez, Grasse and the Villa Domergue. Villa Domergue was well worth the Bus ride and the …

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Let’s Take the Stairs!

Oh, to walk on the red carpet! The most famous stairs in Cannes belong to the Palais des -Festivals et des Congrès, first built in 1949 to host the Cannes Film Festival. Since then, stars of the -movie world has walked this steps many times. Every year in middle of may, Cannes is -buzzing with glamour and glitter, and has one of the most prestigious and publicised film festivals in the world.  The original building was located on the boulevard of Promenade de la Croisette. In response to the growing success of the Festival and business conventions, the City of …

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