February 25, at a briefing organised by the Mayor of Cannes,  CréaCannes (business incubator in the audiovisual field which I have already mentioned), was unveiled the name of the future multiplex film which should be released in 2018 west of Cannes (Cannes La Bocca): Cineum Cannes.

Cineum Cannes: one of the finest multiplexes France

This multiplex will include 2,426 seats, twelve rooms, the largest of which include 433 seats and a VIP room with double chairs. It will have the most modern cinematic tools and the latest technology in terms of images, sounds and accessories, as dynamic chairs that move with the action.

This is the project of the film company Cannes (CCC) which was selected for the quality of its cultural and leisure offer, its architecture signed Rudy Ricciotti (to whom we owe already the splendid Museum of Civilization in Europe and Mediterranean from Marseille), infrastructure, technology and unique picture dolby in France.

A university campus should also be created on the same site and should thus welcome in its ranks a thousand students. With lessons focusing on niche markets related to business writing, media, digital and new creative industries in general.

Image: Cannes Cinema Company

And then we say “WOW!”, Cannes is definitely “THE” city of Cinema! And the will to provide the means to also make this city a center of production and creation is realized.

It reminds a bit of history “Sundance”, you know? The independent film festival in Utah whose president is Robert Redford. Well, before 1978 (festival of the creation date), was a Sundance ski resort. But since then, it has also become an economic hub in the cinema thanks to the Festival and the Sundance Institute.

One can also wonder what will become theaters of downtown. Especially as has been closed abruptly last January Cinema Star Rue d’Antibes was the oldest institution of Cannes (in place since 1913). The rent was too expensive for the operator. He had to check out and separate from the 7 employees … The mayor of Cannes David Lisnard, said he was committed to the cinemas of the city center, and it would be ready to invest in the private commercial sector, why not a municipal school management.

CCC that will operate the multiplex cinema is committed to maintain a balance with existing cinemas. For this, this company, which includes two operators of movie theaters Cannes center (Olympia and Arcades), considering a joint management to maintain activity in the cinemas of Cannes center, especially with the establishment of a joint policy entertainment and events with the organization of meetings and discussions to be held in both multiplexes and cinemas of the city center.

An International Festival series in Cannes?

In December 2015, Fleur Pellerin (then Minister of Culture) asked Laurence Herszberg, director of the Forum des Images in Paris and the festival “Mania Series” a report on the viability of an International Festival of the series.

“The TV drama has emerged over the past decade as one of the major genres of audiovisual production,” said the ministry. “With the development of an international festival of the series, Fleur Pellerin wants to make France the high place of such acclaimed by the public, to promote French and international audiovisual creation.””France may in particular rely on the experience of the Cannes Film Festival created in 1946 and has become a global event.”

But what a great idea!

Obviously we have other Cannes awareness of the importance of this type of event thanks to MIPTV, the international market for television programs held at the Palais des Festivals and Congresses since 1964.

Pending the outcome of this report, it seems equally clear that this festival is to take place in Cannes to give it the desired international impact and it is natural that we (members of the group ” Actors of Cannes “) have offered assistance to the Mayor of Cannes, the Ministry of Culture and Laurence Herszberg.

The video contest

Last February, Cannes was born his first video marathon with the organization of the 24h of achievements at the MJC Picaud.

This is a competition (existing in various forms in all the major cities in France and abroad) which consists in a film (film-script-editing) in record time. A theme, a subject, a replica is taxed at the opening of the competition to the participating teams.24 hours later, teams must make the resulting film to the organization.

For the first edition, the jury was composed of members of the film commission of the MJC Picaud Studio 13, Christian Le HEMONET (filmmaker who was notably assistant director of the first “Superman” Richard Donner in 1977 with Christopher Reeve and Marlon Brando) and Lilan Purdom (reporter for TF1 and daughter Edmund Purdom, Hollywood star of the 50s).

Ann Long and myself the collective “Actors of Cannes” have participated in the competition in the team Alban Ferrand which won the Jury Prize for his film “Run in Cannes.”

On the same principle (but within 48 hours), “The Actors of Cannes” will participate in the 48 Hour Film Project in Côte d’Azur team Jeremiah Crunchant and François Isnard, a technical team constituted by the AEBAC (Association students BTS Audiovisuel Carnot). This competition will take place from 25 to 27 March 2016 to Auguste Escoffier Cultural Center of Villeneuve-Loubet.

Regarding the film ” I’m visceralis ” Robbin Rodas in competition at the Nikon Festival, he arrived at the 134th place in the ranking of public participants in 1056 with over 6000 views recorded on the digital platform of the festival.

For short films at IFF 2016

Last December, we were approached by two young directors to collaborate on the cast of films that are intended to be presented in the official competition or the Short Film Market at the next edition of the Cannes International Film Festival .

So we allowed Florent Guinle to complete the cast of “Please do not stop” and Nathan Ambrosioni for the film “What remains” with Zoe Adjani (Isabelle’s niece).

We proposed different profiles of local actors (beyond the official members of the collective, our main objective is to satisfy the productions) some of which were selected and we applaud.

With thanks to Yann Lerat and original article from The Huffington Post: