Follow Your Favourite Stars To The Cannes Film Festival!

Le Festival De Cannes – The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous, popular and revered international film festivals across the globe. The festival is held as a celebration of cinematographic art, showcasing new genre cinemas, and visual innovations of the time.

10996081_926765840722323_585971132184445268_nYear after year in May, Cannes Film Festival gives the glimpse of lasting and transient art of cinema transpired across the world.

Talking About the History of Cannes Film Festival

It all started in the year 1932, when Jean Zay was the French Minister of the National Education and with the support of the Americans and British, set up “International Cinematographic Festival” which later on went on to become the most talked about “Cannes Film Festival”.

With the increasing popularity of Cannes Film Festival, it led to the need for the superfluous space and that is when in the year 1979 the officials decided to build new “Palais des Festivals”. Presently, it has 18 auditoriums that have 25000 square feet space for exhibitions.

The Significance of Cannes Film Festival in Today’s World

Cannes Film Festival is the leading and most impressive film festival across the world, with over 4,000 journalists accredited, 7,000 companies registered at the event, & 80 films screening daily during 12 days.

11263100_928299390568968_659886947563578694_nCannes Film Festival can be a milestone for filmmakers and launched numerous world-known film directors such as Tarantino, but also a top-end perceptibility event for fashion brands.

11235270_929867437078830_1999294036590990539_oCelebrities are continuously seen strolling down the red carpet at the main screening as the press taking pictures at every turn. The famous Sanjar of La Chambre which represents Palais steps mainstay Elie Saab quoted that “Cannes is like two weeks of the Oscars,”

It is believed that more than the Oscars, Cannes Film Festival connects brands to the entire world. Carlos Souza of Valentino adds “Red carpets now rule the day, and the red carpet at Cannes is truly for the entire world.” Youn Chong Bak, The artistic director of Smalto once quoted that “It generates sales all over the world. People have become more sensitive to this kind of advertising, rather than with a simple ramp walking model.”

Impact of Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival has become a significant showcase for European cinema. It offers an opportunity to determine specific country’s image of its cinema. Additionally it gives a huge exposure, as this non-public festival is attended by several movie stars across the globe and serves a popular platform for the movie producers to launch their movies and attempt to sell their works to distribution who came across the globe.

Cannes is also known as an excellent holiday resort

The Cannes Film Festival is believed to be one of the greatest film festivals and since it is held in the wonderful time of the year “May”, you can spend a great vacation where the whole town is buzzing with excitement.22220_928107107254863_1105953330834654882_n

How do you get in????? You must be an accredited film industry professional, but there are many public events where in public can buy the tickets to these such as:

Cinema de la Plage

Tourists and locals might not be able to get into the film festival, but there are exciting and wonderful opportunities to see ground-breaking movies before anybody else. All you have to do is visit, Cannes Tourism Office and get the tickets for the Cinema de la Plage. It is a huge outdoor film screening in the evenings, where you can enjoy the fantastic movies of the festival.

Celebrity Spotting at the Film Festival

Over the years, many celebrities have been spotted staying at “Intercontinental Carlton Cannes”, you could book in advance your stay and you may find your favourite stars strolling through the elegant lobby!

10418520_927560577309516_2585825714627379906_nHowever, your best chance to spot your favourite star is to join the crowd outside the “Palais” before their Premiere. But surprise sightings can be anywhere from La Croisette to hotel bars like The Martinez.

Touring Cannes during Cannes Film Festival

France is one of those many countries that are known for various events and festivals and the significant “Cannes Film Festival” has its natural charm to attract tourists across the globe. If you are planning to tour France then make sure that your visit coincides with Cannes Film Festival.

Tourism is an integral part of Cannes. Tourism is at peak during Cannes film festival, this particular aspect benefits both the country’s economy and tourists as well.

Cannes is an amazing, mesmerising town and the key attraction is La Croisette. It is a long bou11015925_883609825037925_4612806525289260910_nlevard of palm trees and elegant architecture that runs along the sandy white beaches of the Mediterranean. And just in the front of the Old Port, built with red rocks of Esterel, in the background is the famous “Palais des Festivals”.

The area from “La Croisette up to the Rue d’Antibes is occupied by luxury apartment blocks, villas, restaurants, bars, boutique and prestigious hotels like InterContinental Carlton Cannes, The Majestic Barriere, and the Martinez where you may find your favourite celebrity taking a stroll. The sidewalk cafes near the “Palais des Festivals” are amazing for “café au lait” and watching the glitter and glamorous world pass by.

La Croisette is another not-to-miss in Cannes, as this is the significant spot that best symbolises the glamour of the place. The stretch of the unnamed


sidewalk that lines the sea-shore, is home to the vendors who are selling designer clothes, accessories and glamorous and interesting art! This stretch also has several upscale shops and billboards that promote the film festival. You can also buy yourself a drink from the cafes lined up along the beach, or rent a lounger and umbrella and soak in the sun for a while, or just sit and relax enjoying the picturesque view of the bay.

May is a good time of year to visit Cannes which is not too cold or hot with the major attraction of the Cannes Film Festival. Musee de la Castre, up high in Le Suquet, is also not to miss, a wonderful chateau in Cannes which has been transformed into a museum. The place is home to the rich blend of diverse artworks. 

Apart from Cannes Film Festival, you can arrange your trips to interesting places such as Antibes, Golfe Juan, Mandelieu La Napoule, Mougins, Loup Valley, Théoule-Sur-Mer, Biot, Valbonne, Ventimiglia and Nice. Adventures further afield include the Verdon Gorges and Valley of the Roya.

Cannes Film Festival serves a big hand in boosting the country’s economy, as people from all over the world visit Cannes to witness the mesmerising film festival along with visiting places in Cannes. This has not only helped the economy, but has given Cannes better exposure and visibility on the world map.

It is truly an amazing place to visit, where people are fun loving and warm, always welcoming with their friendly hospitality. If you are truly looking for a fun loving, relaxing holiday near the beach, Cannes is the place to go and since Cannes Film Festival is approaching it is surely worth a visit in May!18529_911755652223342_6315077097762718293_n