CANNES – In addition to the exclusives on controversies around selfies or Wearing high heels on the red carpet, the 2015 International Film Festival of Cannes offered us “raw” we hope to see progress over the next editions.

The first time a group of actors is represented!

With the support of Thomas De Pariente, Deputy Mayor of Cannes Commissioner for Culture and Gérard Camy, Chairman of Cannes Cinema, Actors Cannes had the chance to be accredited at the Festival. A great opportunity to “meet” the (roughly) 30,000 accredited professionals and others to offer their talents and services.

This is not only an opportunity for us to maintain contact with our partners, and to actually meet those with whom we exchanged virtually, but also to be put in contact with professionals whom we had not thought during communication campaign launched to create the collective.

Saturday, May 16 at the Hotel Eden, we gave our “showcase”. A first in the history of the Festival. A game show combining video projections on stage and showcasing the work of actors. A good way to expose us both face a public that lambda professional who is delighted with this initiative.


You can also watch videos on the Youtube channel Actors Cannes here .


A stand of “Cannes” at the Film Market!

This year, thanks to Mathieu Roussennac, Director of Development and the attractiveness of the city, Cannes has set up a booth at the Film Market to represent shootings Office, production companies installed CréACannes (nursery business welcoming among other Adastra, Clap & Zap and Replay Story), and Citizen Cannes TV.

It is warmly as the representative of the Office of shootings of the City of Cannes, Elisabeth Honorat welcomed us well and helped set a few appointments with producers, writers, and filmmakers interested in our collective.

This show of solidarity between the various stakeholders is exciting Cannes. We all aim to develop the economy and audiovisual production at Cannes. And beyond the solidarity within the collective Actors Cannes, it’s reassuring that we are in tune with the times, and indeed (in crisis) that solidarity extends and enables us jointly develop projects combining our respective talents to make Cannes a true “shoots of earth.”

The exclusivity of a film shot 360!

Members of the group ” Actors of Cannes ” Maud keyboard, Arsène Jiroyan, Rodas Robbin and I have participated in the filming of a movie presentation of a new process of filming and projection, a 3D short film relief 360 ° “Immerciné”.

Produced by Clap & Zap in association with Panocam 3D Holodia, we ended up playing all around a camera filming at 360 °. The viewer must wear glasses virtual reality motion sensors to view the film and explore the scenic area by moving the head. He finds himself immersed in the film, in the heart of the action.

Presented at the Film Market, a general enthusiasm from the press and professionals suggests a bright future (not immediately for the general public) for this new technology.

Even if it remains in a first test, we are proud to say that we were the first to use this technology.

This project fits perfectly with our philosophy of merging the talents to achieve a precursor project, always looking to the future (taking into account the lessons of the past …)

While remaining humble …

This article of thanks paces, and if you found it boring, I’m sorry. But how can we be grateful to so much encouragement and benevolence. Business in France not always have a very good reputation. This is often a path strewn with obstacles, but through hard work and determination we can expect a modest result often seen as a victory for those who have courageously maintained their goals.

This is our case today, after experiencing our first International Film Festival of Cannes as “Actors of Cannes!”

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With thanks to Yann Lerat and The Huffington Post

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