IMG_0002The “Le Bivouac” is a newly opened wine bar situated in a small street close to the place du Général-de-Gaulle. The big windows towards the street gives a good view in to the modern and high end decorated lounge bar, making it a good choice for an after work drink.

The owners, both of them named Laurent, were very friendly and welcoming when Apero&Tiff arrived and guiding them to a table close to the bar.

” Very comfortable seating ” said Tiff, sinking down into the soft big chair. ” There is a serious risk of falling asleep here ”.

” Don’t think that will be a problem” said Apero whilst considering putting on his shades. “The lights are so bright that it feels like IMG_5206a reception area at a hotel”.

And in a way he was right. The place has warm and lovely interior with carefully selected details. There is even a working gas fire place on one of the walls, but the hushed ambiance gives a slight feeing of being in a hotel lobby, waiting for the key to your room.

The soft classic soul music in the background, with videos on the wall to compliment the experience didn’t help Apero’s Friday night party feeling either.

” This is a place I could easily sit with my computer or have a work related meeting ” said Apero.

“Or a romantic meeting!” chipped in Tiff.

But that was of not on the agenda for this evening, so they decided to get down to business and test out the wine and snacks.

IMG_0006ROne of the two Laurents came quickly to the table with the drinks list and a plate of bread and two kinds of tapenade. All looked home made and was served in beautiful small bowls. Even the menus were elegantly designed.

” Classy ” sighed Tiff.

Le Bivouac really has a thought through concept of their style from the furniture to table ware. Even the toilet sink was high end design.

And the word “classy” came into its right when Laurent poured the wine and champagne at the table, showing them the labels of IMG_0010each bottle with added information of the products.

There is a great and well chosen wine selection at Le Bivouac, and food such as foie gras, cheese plate and excellent charcuterie. But what got Tiffs attention was that they had “socca chips”, something she had never heard of.

” Chips made of chick peas? Lets try it ” she said enthusiastically, now well sunken down in the cosy chair.

Apero, being known to eat everything that was put in front of him, had no reason to contradict her suggestion, and the chips
turned out a success. They quickly ordered a new round of drinks to complement them, this time trying a new wine from the elegant menu.

IMG_5207RThey drank in silence by the fire, while watching Laurent and Laurents’ soft friendliness around the clients. It was obvious they knew their profession and did it well.

” The service is very professional ” concluded Tiff, at this point almost in a laying position in her chair. “ If they only had dimmed the lights a little” she said.

” Yes” responded Apero, “but if they had, you might have fallen asleep in that chair ”.


If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you!