What an amazing encounter  and what an even more amazing exposition… which takes place every year in September coinciding with the Royal Regate Yacht dates – and this year being the fifth consecutive year in a row.

Have you ever walked by an Art Gallery and never stepped in, as in my case? Either because there was no-one else in, looked too expensive for your pocket, or simply art sitting around on its own. Perhaps too cold and impersonal and when you do step in ….no real explanation about the artist – apart from some brief history ?

What I want to know is what is going around in their heads to produce such art? Some juicy information on the artist and their work….

…then we were invited by Artistes Du Monde Cannes Artistes du Monde Cannes


A real life living gallery with some amazing wonderful people present to tell the story.


In September 2010, with Marina Picasso as the “Marraine”,  ARTISTES DU MONDE CANNES, was founded.


Created by Guy WEIL, artist painter, after which Valerié WOLFF and Claude BENHAMOU joined – with one simple vocation: showcase artists, identify and help new emerging talents – and yes they are doing so with great success.


With over 250 artists represented from over 17 countries, each exposition is met with great enthusiasm.


My own personal feeling – is WOW – and for once ART becomes alive!


We were invited to visit their Gallery in Mandelieu la Napoule  – the origninal Gallery was in Le Cannet – however due to success they moved just out side of Cannes to a larger location.


We met with Valérie WOLFF, in charge of public relations, extremely charming and welcoming – the passion of Art simply overwhelmed the gallery – and her explanations an enjoyment to listen to! – for once I could see what made artists tick!


She explained philosophy behind the concept – and invited us to the exposition in Cannes – and we were only too happy to come along..


With Pat Denton our photographer and my self – we entered the world of artists and what a surprise.


This is not the usual exposition – situated on the Old Port Cannes – with over 17 countries presented – Contemporary art was showcased! and the GREAT news was that the Artists them selves were present! I finally got the chance to meet and chat with some very impressive people – each with their own views on life’s philosophy, and they expressed it through art.


The feeling was general – one big family , and this shows – on the Saturday night the prizes are given out and at the end of the event all the artists get together for the final lunch on the beach – festivity, happy and eager to come again next year!


It takes 8 months to prepare the exposition, and 4 days for pure enjoyment – and at the end of the day every one is a winner – the artists and the visitors – each meeting with each other sharing views and understanding each other – a great moment to integrate and better understand the world of art.

Thank you Valérie Wolff for this great exposition and we look forward to next year!