Les Crâneurs de Frime City.

For 25 years Yohann, the renowned tattoo artist, who exercises his talent on the skin, will today convert to paintings.
He wants to share and express his Art to the public, by submitting on canvas, his emotion and passion.

Depuis 25 ans Yohann Artiste Tatoueur de renom, exerce son talent sur la peau, aujourd’hui au travers de la peinture, il souhaite partager et transmettre son
Art au grand public, en posant sur les toiles ses émotions et sa passion.

YOHANN normally creates spectacular art with vibrant colors on the skin of his customers. Lately he has become interested in expressing himself also on canvas.
He already masters different painting technics and enjoys working not only with oil, but also with acryl and crayons. His expression reflects his emotion and in his paintings you will witness deep and sincere reflections.
His stokes are not only constructing the image, but within his images you
will also find symbols, messages, signs and subtle underlying communication.
This, his first exhibition, is going to be exciting as we will show different sides of his styles and expressions. His motives are strong, explicit, forceful at times, but still soft and gentle in some unexpected way. His coloring is exuberant and strong.
Come and see – it will be a joyful experience.