All about art – before getting involved with I Love Cannes – my knowledge of art was very, very limited. Yes I did know about the Picasso’s etc of this world – and yes I do appreciate a good bottle of wine, sunsets etc – can they be considered as art? Well I guess so – from what I gather art is in the eye of the beholder and definitely a heart/soul feeling. Each of us has our own favourites & styles.

IMG_1848The Cote d ‘Azur – is defiantly a magnet to all artists and art lovers – you just have to be living down here to understand why!  The intense colours of the skies, sunsets, sunrises, not to mention the amazing full moons. And that’s just talking about the skies! The Provence Alps Maritime – is just an amazing cocktail of colours! Mimosa, lavender, olive, lemon, grapes, – just about everything tantalising the senses of artists!

Pablo Picasso, and Henri Matisse are just a couple of the many artists living along our coast lines!

Today times have changed, art like everything is influenced by events, feelings, emotions – at least this is how I feel. Moods change, this reflects in today’s modern art!

Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of today’s amazing artists, living along our coast line – full of joy, amazing people with some amazing philosophy  to share and some even more amazing ART! And so definitely down to earth people like you and I!

IMG_8668It was last May 2015 when I was taking a stroll along the Croisette in Cannes – there they were standingIMG_2293 so proud, the wonderful collection of “Lips” and posing like the real stars of the film festival the “sexy fingers” – I just had to stop, and take photos – so nice to see so much lively colours with such a twist! – I had to find out more about this artist! And it was my first contact with a real life artist!!!

Richard Mas

Before long I was sitting down with Richard – picking his brains – what makes you dream?? what makes you come up with such creations?? – so many questions…..All I could think was here I was sitting with this amazingly humble person, and family man! Not one of those eccentric artists with one ear!!! ha ha ha – His wife Anne joined us – so encouraging, so full of life and for the work of Richard – and she will tell you all about the “sexy fingers”! A very, very interesting story with a drink of Rosé! 🙂

IMG_1808Richard was born in Africa in 1954 – and moved to France (Ardéche) at the age of 6. After studying horticulture he finally fell in love with his wonderful wife Anne – A major turning point in his life!?? Well this was when the artist in Richard hungered to come alive! Inspired by pop art, contemporary, sensuality, the first piece is born, with the full support from his wife and friends he is soon exposing his art – sharing his humorous sensual sculptures made from ressine , and bronze.

In 1983/84 “Pris des Artistes de France”! What a new comer to the world of artists – soon exhibiting in Monaco, an amazing moment and international recognition, was just around the corner. You will often find his art exposed in the grounds of Relais-de-la-Reine on La Croisette – and this coming May a new collection is being born – and with an amazing mixture of all his past works! a reunification of art! It’s going to look fantastic!

With his family, in 2009, he decided to move to the South of France – and here he is more than happy to welcome you to his own secret garden of art – a curiosity of sensuality, colours, a playground of art – such a pleasure to see so much enjoyment and colour! some amazing pieces of art to brighten any garden, IMG_8647home or gallery.

Like me,  just take the time to reach out to him, and like me, I am sure you will be amazed, not only by his art, but by the man and his philosophy – such a down IMG_5255to earth man who loves to share what he does!

I love to pass by and admire his work, and spend a time to walk around the magical garden of fun art – merci Richard, for all your friendship and great sculptures.