Cannes night life is found on Rue Commandant André and surrounding little streets. The district, between La Croisette and the Rue d’Antibes, is known as the Carré d’Or (Golden Square). Here you can tootle from restaurant to bar to club and barely notice you’ve moved.

IMG_0058This early evening it was the bar Posto Pubblico, situated in a small side street, that got Apero&Tiffs attention with its terrace already buzzing with laughter and chatter among people shuffling down big glasses of wine.

”This looks like a popular place” said Tiff. ” Lets’ spend an Italian style evening”

The owner, not Italian but French, met them on his way out of the door with a quick apology that none of the tables outside were available. Even though one of them was occupied with by the staff, so inside they went. Except for one long table with a jolly bunch of young French people, all the tables were empty, making Apero in charge of the choice. This was however not the case. After going from one table to the next together with the not so smiley owner, this looked like a strange three-some dance. It turned out that every single chair and table at this place was reserved.

”Is there something special going on here to night?” asked a confused Apero.

”No, its a normal evening”. The owner then stuffed them in the corner of the bar, close to the DJ’s music system as a solution. IMG_0036Apero was not happy.

”Well, we can send each other text messages if the music gets louder” tried Tiff encouraging.

The owner, busy with nothing behind the bar, made them wait for a while before the menu finally came.  Apero&Tiff ordered a glass of champagne and a red wine, and a plate of nibbles was quickly set out in front of them. The small bread board of foccacia, salad and bread with salami looked good.

”It can only get better from here” concluded Tiff, being always positive, after their not so good arrival.

”I certainly hope so”, screamed Apero back, with music blasting in his ear. ” The welcoming was as warm as a holiday in Antarctica”

11954698_868157849936124_3662957514677855819_nIMG_0032Posto Pubblico has self-titled itself as an Italian style bar with tapas and antipasti on their menu, together with a selection of wine of the month on a blackboard. Most of them were not Italian though. The interior was a strange mix of … a lot. Looking like the designer did not actually have a straight plan for anything when he built it. Some cool details, but nothing kind of gave a feeling of a thought through style. Sitting at the bar was certainly not the best place to be seated, as here you could see everything from washing and cleaning products lined up together with soda cans – on the counter and not in the fridge.

There was in other words no sign of a Italian feeling until the smell of newly baked pizzas arrived at one of the tables. Aperos face suddenly lit up. If there was anything that could get him in a good mood at this point, it was melted cheese and pepperoni. Noticing this, the chef – the only attentive person of the staff, was quick to hand over the pizza menu, but it turned out that the Italian pizza was not from the bar, but delivered from a restaurant from across the street – making Posto Pubblico even less Italian. Instead Apero ordered a new round of wine and got a second serving of nibbles.

IMG_5237The place filled up quickly with young and happy people, and soon all of the reserved tables were occupied. This was maybe the strangest thing, this being such a ordinary, average place with a personality of a moody pitbull.

”What makes this place so popular?” wondered Tiff. ”There is a kind of no real feeling of anything here”

”Well, I give the great looking pizzas an extra star! Replied Apero. “ But then again, we should just go over the road and eat them there”.


If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you!