CULTURE – Created in April 2014, the collective “Actors of Cannes” is an association of players domiciled in Cannes which aims to promote its members and its artistic creations. Supported by the Film Commission of the Alpes-Maritimes and the Mayor of Cannes, she was also responsible for developing Cannes as “shooting ground” in order to develop audiovisual activities.

At the beginning of 2015-2016 season, the collective ” Actors of Cannes ” has grown: we move from 8 to 12 members. We are pleased to welcome four new members: Gena Bordi, Magali Thomas, Julien and Jean-Claude Croquet BRAGANTI.

We have received many requests over the past year, and to recall (mentioned in the article “A collective fight against unemployment comedians Cannes and its region” of 15 March 2015), we are obliged to respect that the association members must be domiciled in Cannes yourself and have experience or training probative.

The internal organization of the association and the progress of projects do not allow us to host during the year new members. So I had to make the decision that the new members would be made in the beginning of each new season. Four in number, first just for aesthetic reasons because the website (provided by displays photos stored by comedians 4; and partly for logistical reasons insofar as I alone take care of the administration of the association.

Regarding educational projects, we have become a reference for the ESRA (Superior School of Audiovisual Creation) Nice. Jean-Louis Bompoint, Deputy Director (known internationally as cinematographer especially with his collaboration with Michel Gondry or Natalie Portman) asks his students to come to us directly in their research actors for their practical work. A godsend for comedians always in search of new images for their demo tape (audio visual cv) or looking to meet young filmmakers.

The event Play Scenarios

On 23 October 2015, the Mayor of Cannes organized at the Library Jean de Noailles an evening “Play Scenarios” short films with the association Regard Independent Nice. Evening at which Magali Thomas, Ann Long, Ludivine Denane, Rodas Robbin and I have participated voluntarily. Thus we read in public scenarios:

“Like clockwork” Patricia Van Poppel
“The unknown Canal” Gerard Moreau
“New Life” Sylvie Raoul
“exposure time” Isabelle Zigmann
“Visas for Life” Francis Miran
“Variations” Magali Thomas

Personally, this is my second participation in this annual event. Beyond the satisfaction to occur with an audience, get to know the writers, it is possible that the scenarios are made and the “actors-players” are selected to play in the movies.

That was my case last year with the film Benjamin Courtois “If only” and another short film in preparation for “The Beach” Xavier Ladjointe produced by Jean-Marie Laronze. Another non-negligible satisfaction was learning during the evening, for the event “Play Scenarios” in 2016, the collective “Actors of Cannes” will be paid for its benefit.

“Actors of Cannes” selected Nikon Festival

The principle of the Nikon Festival is to make a film of 140 seconds on a theme that changes every year: from 15 October 2015 to 15 February 2016, the films are available on the festival’s platform, and users can vote for their favorite film it is selected for the audience award.

Chaired this year by Jacques Gamblin, the festival’s theme is “I’m a gesture.”
Robbin Rodas there realizes ” I am visceralis ” with the participation of actors Gena Bordi, Ludivine Denane Ann Long, Croquet Julien and myself. “I’m visceralis” is a musical film shot entirely in Cannes where 235 planes pass before the pace of “Fight Box” music Modsleep “DJ Cannes.

The pitch: even if we still have to ask whether it is our actions that define us or if our personality brings us to certain actions, Robbin Rodas reminder that our actions stem from our beliefs, what one feels the deepest self (visceral). It is based on the popular culture of the 7 deadly sins to demystify the vices by making them virtuous. Thus the statue of the Virgin of the place of the Church of Our Lady of Hope Cannes on the eve decadent chase vices.


Enter this competition offers the collective “Actors of Cannes” a beautiful digital visibility. The goal is to encourage Internet users to vote for their own film, the films travel social network of participants and their “friends” or “followers”. Last year the festival recorded nearly a thousand films in competition and millions of connections from the Internet to see.

The chance that we (though we are in a small provincial town) is that the City of Cannes is one of the cities of France that communicates the most on social networks, and for its mayor David Lisnard . We remember, for example, giving him a lesson in Twitter Steven Spielberg and Nicole Kidman has two years, or Sophie Marceau last year during the International Film Festival.

So we benefit from their support that result in publications that the City of Cannes and its mayor publish on their Facebook and Twitter account.

Photo: Marie Pourreyron

The culmination of this “colossal” project for a clip of 140 seconds is already a success in itself. It required hundreds of hours between pre-production, filming and editing days. And all volunteers. I take this opportunity to thank recess Robbin Rodas for his initiative but Bruno Rambaud, the Radisson Blu Hotel and Spa, the Mayor of Cannes and especially Elisabeth Honorat the city’s filming office who even came to visit us on shooting the scene Forville market at night.

Hoping the movie you like, it is quite naturally and with great pleasure that I will provide its evolution in the competition in my next article.

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