CULTURE – In the month of Cannes creativity, Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Cannes has offered us the opportunity to gracefully use the Theatre Alexandre III on June 8 to host a party “Actors of Cannes”. collective presentation evening where we planned short films in which we played, followed by an interaction with the public to collect “hot” their thoughts and questions.

So we planned: “The JCE at the Movies” Charles-Henri MG, “Condemned” Sebastian Sutter, “I am the idea” Kevin Delanne, “Bedroom Story” Denis Declef, “The Spleen” Valentine Picolet, “Gratin and love torn” by Yann Piquer and “The ideal man” by Julie keyboard. Beautiful evening organized by the city of Cannes strengthens our sense of being supported by the municipality, a form of local institutional recognition which gives us the impression of being part of the cultural landscape of the city and, after a few months existence only.

This type of event allows us to maintain our relationships with directors or the productions with which we have worked.

Beyond the game or interpretation of a character, provide a form of promotion of the work is an additional argument which can motivate a director to work with us.
As announced at the creation of the association ” Actors in Cannes “is not only talent, but also a network with radiation internationally for the reasons we know.

Specifically, contract …

Apart volunteers artistic projects that we remain in a dynamic working, some of us have won paid contracts. Valerie Drevon (director) will animate from the fall 2015, 20 sessions of 2 hours during theater in Cannes-University to the Espace Mimont on Monday evening from 17:30 to 19:30.

Arsene Jiroyan landed the role of a director (rightly) for the filming of the episode “Diva” of “Research Section” myself and the mayor’s role in the episode “Noces Rouges” in the same series where I married Kaprisky Valerie and Xavier Deluc in the roles of Laura Belmont and captain Martin Bernier.

Arsene Jiroyan and I have also participated in the filming of a series pilot directed by Thomas Chansou. “OK !” written and produced by Bernard Deloupy Vincent Trintignant-Corneau. Humorous short format, including Noëlle Perna (Mado La Niçoise). Supported by the Film Commission of the Alpes-Maritimes, this driver will be presenting at the next edition of the festival “The Hero TV” Beausoleil. A project which, if it finds buyers and broadcasters, will complement the audiovisual activities of the French Riviera and we hope, will also work with other “active members” of the collective.

And examination results in all this?

Benjamin Courtois (schoolboy Grasse) was 20/20 (!) For his film “If only …” he submitted to the voluntary option in visual arts in Long tank in which Ann and I have turned .

Florent Botto, terminal student at the Lycée Bristol Cannes was 11/20 for his film “The Framework” in which Ann Long, Ludivine Denane, Rodas Robbin and I have also shot. A note very respectable given the difficulty of taking the party to run in a 13-minute sequence shot and jury demand particularly from the words of Julien Bonfanti, film professor at high school.

The BTS Audiovisuel Lycée Carnot with whom we work since the first of the creation of the association had 100% success rate in the exam! Much talent and recognition from experienced professionals reinforces our involvement in educational projects we support.

An SEO on the search engines

Some of us were approached by directors or producers looking for actors at the Cannes basin only by researching on the internet, just by typing “+ actor cannes”.

Thus we have for example, been contacted by advertising young people worldwide to participate in the filming of the Young Lions Competition takes place during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (formerly known international festival of advertising film) that s’ held from 21 to 27 June at the Palais des Festivals.

Our site internet is in first line. In addition to numerous articles that have appeared since February and through social networks we have implemented our “e-reputation” we offer naturally (now) visibility. What a joy to see that work and perseverance eventually be rewarded!

A film was at Cannes!

Cannes, world capital of the Seventh Art for more than half a century will launch this summer a temporary museum dedicated to cinema and audiovisual creation.

At the heart of this first edition: the Movie Factory Amateurs French Oscar winner Michel Gondry.

The Amateur Film Factory invites participants to come create their own films in small groups, following a simple protocol designed by Michel Gondry. Like the hero of his film “Be Kind Rewind”, participants will thus achieve their films in record time, in a film studio reconstituted for the occasion, in the Palais des Festivals and Congresses.

Because in the summer we also want to have fun, “Actors of Cannes” will also participate in this adventure by enrolling in several groups and appreciate the joy of having our own film studio, be it that one summer.

In this context, and if we had our own film studio in Cannes? A permanent studio I mean. It would be legitimate, is not it?

With thanks to Yann Lerat and The Huffington Post

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