USE – After a few months of existence, it is difficult to make a first assessment of the group “Actors of Cannes”. Nevertheless his fledgling business is worthy of a Parisian art agency, or 49 days of shooting in less than 3 months!

To honor our commitments to the Mayor of Cannes and different educational institutions in the field of broadcasting, “Actors of Cannes” participated in 8 different projects among the Audiovisual BTS Lycée Carnot, the option Cinema Bristol High School and the workshop production of the fortnight. Or a significant number of shooting days and rehearsal days accumulated between “active” members of the collective.

In addition, casting directors have directly contacted us to offer us auditions for productions (TV series, feature films or other), the shootings are happening in the Alpes-Maritimes department or in the PACA region . So Ann Long found herself in English animate an “incentive” (gift “marketing” for 1000 employees) on the theme of “Back to the Future” over two days (paid € 180 / day) for the US company ATK .

Ludivine Denane view was selected for to play opposite Jean Dujardin in the movie “A man …” Laurent Tirard.

Dozens of professionals (directors and producers) congratulated us on our initiatives, and presented themselves to us to give us their desires to work with “The Actors of Cannes” such as Christian Le HEMONET Alain Schlosberg Jerome Genevray , Nicolas Duval, Delphine Poudou and even Luc Besson (I had the pleasure of meeting during the filming of “Transporter Reboot” at the Hotel Majestic).

We keep feet on the ground

All these making contacts and collaboration proposals are obviously very interesting, but it does no illusions either. It recognizes that some projects can take up to dozens of years to be realized, and we can say that until the contract is not signed, we can not count on it (in some cases it can be as long as money has not been cashed).

I can speak personally for myself I’m on different projects which total some years ago as a series written by Stephen King (whose shooting is to take place in Mexico), feature films “A brushstroke” Maxime Martel-d’Albert, “Fallen from the Nest” Nathalie Camidebach or “Orphèdre, the legend” Francine Lazareff.

It is fun!

All the actors was highlighted during the filming of the promotional video of Cinema Events of the Junior Chamber of Cannes to be held on 16 and 23 May at the Hotel Eden (open International Film Festival). Turning organized by production Clap & Zap Cannes with Maud keyboard (active member of the collective) is part.

End of April we will turn in a co-production of a short film “The Actors of Cannes” Cannes and Citizen TV. An adaptation of the play “The Gentlemen” Robbin Rodas will be called “The earth has a sun.” An ensemble film whose action is located in the 30 United States.

We bring the script, the actors, the staging, costumes and sets, and Citizen Cannes TV all the technical aspect of the work.

What happiness can only focus on the artistic side!

A film “worthy of a Hollywood production” according to the director of the Noailles Mediatheque Jean de Cannes will host the film set at the Villa Rothschild: 11 actors, extras 7 and 14 technicians. A film that we will be happy to present at festivals and other cultural events.

We will also open the In & Out Festival, the LGBT Film Festival in Nice (part of which will be held in Cannes from May 1 to 3 at Cinéma Les Arcades) presenting a scene on the theme of this year’s festival which is “The Coming Out,” written directed and performed by “The Actors of Cannes” themselves.

What made us great pleasure is to know that we have allowed a journalism student at the IUT of Cannes winning a contest organized by Radio France by presenting a radio report on “Actors in Cannes.” Suzanne Shojaei has gained a CDD 2 months at Radio France in Paris.

We also now preparing the “showcase” (written and directed by Valerie Drevon) that will be presented to the Hotel Eden on May 16 We are very proud to say that as we are the first (in the history of the Cannes Festival) to organize a show (free) which has the talent of both actors on the big screen and on stage with professionals during International film Festival.

Besides (best of all), thanks to the support of the Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Cannes, we are accredited in the next edition of the Film Festival. Which implies professional meetings, access to screenings, conferences and red carpet if we wish! What excited us for 10 days in May.

It is a little past …

It is far from simple SEO we wanted to start in the different local film institutions from producers. All these new activities please us but how long will we keep?

We generate no money coming within the association and organization of events, creations, rehearsals, communication or represent a financial cost in terms of time.

For now it will because I work full-time on the various issues (more or less punctually supported by active members 2-3) to inject impetus to the collective to the beginning of its establishment, but I know in advance that I will not to last long at this rate.

The ideal would be to have a person who would work at least part-time for the collective, but how to pay? To apply for grants? We know that it is far too early for that. To appeal to patrons? You know who might be interested?

If this start is only a “straw fire”, the question does not arise. If this were to continue, we must be to overlook projects that would have deserved to exist, or find a financial solution to help us continue.

But as announced at the beginning of the article, it is too early to say. Still, I think the success of the project also lies in anticipating needs …

With thanks to Yann Lerat and The Huffington Post