USE – The Swiss director Boris Beer decided to shoot his next film The one without the other in Cannes because he “flashed” the actress Maud keyboard member of the group “Actors of Cannes” .

He would never have learned of the existence of Maud if we did not create this collective. This association law 1901 is not only a collective of actors Cannes, but also support the development of filming in the city of Cannes with audiovisual producers.

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It all started in 2014 my frustration of not being informed when a shooting took place in my city while my colleagues (local actors) and myself are often required to spend up to 160 euros only to audition in Paris and often make the round trip in the day for failing to pay a hotel room or disturb a Parisian friend. By contacting the office filming of the City of Cannes to request the ability to reference the Cannes actors with productions that shoot there, we found this solution: create a group that could be linked with producers.

Supported by the Cannes municipality, Ludivine Denane and myself have decided to mount a collective fight against unemployment comedians Cannes but also to the region because in turn we offer roles to actors who do not live even Cannes.

“From a win-win”

If, from the trails, producers audition “Actors of Cannes”, this would at least actors to audition without having to go through the Paris box. If they hold for their fiction, they benefit from substantial savings in terms of transportation and accommodation of the actors, which is significant given the budgetary constraints of the sector.

Services to attract productions and the fight against unemployment

Our association is a non-profit organization. Our goal is not only to showcase our players, but also to encourage audiovisual production in town. The members of the collective, residing in Cannes and engaged in its associations (cultural, sports, etc …) may also indicate the productions the best places for trails. Also involved in the local business life, they can be related productions with audiovisual technicians in the region.

With a consistent database on the sector, the group also offers a service of “leader.”About a hundred residents in Cannes are well documented and ready to be extras on film sets. What may represent an advantageous to producers argument for institutional support and assist the city of Cannes provide work for its citizens.

The word “Cannes” is a registered trademark

Once deposited the statutes of the association, we have begun to identify local actors (through free classified ads and Facebook). There, it was the obstacle course. The word “Cannes” is a registered trademark. To access the use of the word (evocative for filmmakers), it was important for members of the collective assets are domiciled in Cannes same. The problem is that all applicants from the region say Cannes while living in the neighboring communes. When recruiting on the CV and interviews, we realized that very few were actually domiciled in Cannes, which greatly slowed the development of the collective. But we managed to retain as members’ assets ” actors from recognized training or have evidential experience. And are among the members: Ludivine Denane Maud keyboard, Drevon Valerie Ann Long, Marie-Amel Karrai, Robbin Rodas, Jiroyan Arsène and myself.

We have no money, but we have ideas

Once constituted collective, we needed a website that features comedians and become an SEO tool from film commissions in the regions and from producers. ARTEZIA , the cultural magazine of web-Côte d’Azur us offered a website, we just have to pay the accommodation costs.

Photographer Francois Cima offered us price reductions for portraits of the actors present on the website. Social networks also offer a wide visibility but especially among professionals need to communicate. Fort a mail database, they are whole days that I spent to make “copy and paste” of emails to offer our services to producers, directors, and other audiovisual professionals from France.

Taking a moving train …

The sector saw a kind of “new wave”. Internet has revolutionized the market, and we know it takes more to fight as a “province of actor”, questioning continuously our professional habits.

There are tens of thousands of players in France, and only about 2000 live in (according to figures from the Pôle Emploi Spectacle). It must offer a complementary service, the acting talent is not enough. Moreover we know that those who run the most, are also involved as writers, producers, directors … I am well aware that my acting talent does not suffice by itself to get a role. In some cases, this is because I had one foot in the festival either as a programmer or because I have a profile on social networks that I was chosen. The idea of the group is to extend these services to attract more big productions in Cannes.

Fortunately Cannes offers a special aura in the world of cinema. In addition, for 2 years with the creation of the business incubator CréaCannes , we feel that the Cannes municipality supports audiovisual and digital production. It was important that, as actors, we take part in this adventure and we also seek to participate in this new dynamic.

We are above all artists

This does not mean that we should do everything for free. However, “working instrument” is important and we support educational projects by actively participating and volunteering for filming of The Fortnight in Cannes La Bocca, the Bristol High School and the Lycée Carnot.

We begin to communicate on the French Riviera, and we have the chance to give a “schowcase” during the next edition of the International Film Festival at the Hotel Eden on May 23 followed by a short-projection films in which “Actors of Cannes” play (as part of events Cinema of the Junior Chamber of Cannes). also supported by the Department of Cultural Affairs of Cannes, we are a talent pool serving the cultural events of the city.

“Actors of Cannes” just been born and are determined to increase the shootings in the years to come.


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