The Circus is back in town…
DSCN5318Do you remember the very first time you went to the Circus as a kid?? – the large colourful tent, the music, the ambiance, the popcorn, sitting down with your parents and the lights go out…silence…the show is just about to begin! – the music lights up and a large bellowing voice announcing the programme – and then the magic of the circus just over whelms you, and you slip into the amazing world of acrobats, exotic dancers, lions & tigers ….not to mention the lovable clowns falling over each other! ….
Well guess what, the magic and amazing effect of a circus does not stop there – it reaches out to all the generations – Now, I am myself a very proud father of an 8 year old and yet I find my self still utterly hypnotised heading for the circus –
We arrived in front of the ticket office to be welcomed by Lauriane Bienvenu – who is going to take us through the back stage of the circus – this was totally amazing – but first let’s step back a little. – is an amazing family circus with an amazing history – to read more please revert to:
For some interesting data however – the circus first opened in 1985 – with 4 caravans – today its still run by the family – Gilbert Gruss – and now employs over 120 staff  (11 nationalities) with over 50 trucks, travelling all over Europe, each year changing the show, and bringing on new artists, each time with different shows – NEVER stopping to amaze and transport you all into the world of the magical circus.
And this is just what we were about to enter – the visit of the circus began with a tour of the ZOO – where all the animals are looked after, pampered – meeting with all the various trainers – what became apparent was that  they all fell into the circus as kids, and never left!! They love their jobs passionately , caring for the tigers, the elephants, horses… in away, they have all become one large family –
DSCN5232We then visit the back stage of the tent – the behind the scenes – 11 nationalities running around, each one has a task and it all runs like a Swiss watch, getting all prepared to invite the 1500 crowds.
The show is just about to start so we rush to get our packets of pop corn – a must must!! I myself feel like a kid again, enjoying every moment. We sit down….and the lights go out…..then the magic works its way for over 2 hours of show. The clowns entered, the dancers took us to exotic places, the acrobats and jugglers got us all excited, the horses, tigers, elephants etc got us all memorised. Not to mention the big band of over 12 musicians – yes it’s all live music – they lead the tempo and the crowds just cried for more and more!  Finally at the end  – no one wanted to leave – yes I can honestly say we never grow up, and it should always stay that way!!
What makes Cirque-Gruss so special is its proximity to the public, each show really gets the whole crowed worked up, and at the very end of the show all the artists are at the entrance available to take photos with the families – a very nice touch! Needless to say I got into the picture as well.
I sincerely invite anyone who wants to go back into childhood mode to go back to the circus – and Cirque-Gruss is a great DSCN5337place to start – check out their itinerary to find the venue closest to you! and, like me, take the dive into the magic of the performing circus artists!
The closet to Cannes will be at Valbonne 12 – 22nd August 2016