Its September, the skies are blue, slight wind in the air, and they are here….yes!! again history, elegance, and beauty meet up in the old port of Cannes – for the annual Régate Royales Panerai.


As of the 20th to the 27th September Cannes is proud again to be the centre stage of some of the worlds most exclusive and elegant classic yachts – racing in the prestigious “Trophee Panerai”. 60 plus strong  DRAGON fleet, and an amazing armanda of classic boats, all lined up for a week long gathering – racing, elegance and power – truly a spectacular event!



Photo credit: James Robinson Taylor

This year Cannes will be celebrating the 37th Edition of the renewed Régatres Royales – one of the oldest inshore races in the Mediterranean. The first was held in 1929 to honour King Christian X of Denmark.


Its day one and the port is buzzing – crews, skippers, photographers, stands all active and ready for the start.


History in action – you really have to walk by, stop and have a closer look at these most elegant ships – its all in the details!! The sails, the wood, varnish, ropes, bows, the crew – wow wow wow – just take a few moments to have a look at our selection of photos! Totally amazing!


Then we had the pleasure to meet up with James Robinson Taylor – one of our friends from Facebook – the official photographer for Panerai

Photo credit: Pat Denton


Meet with SNSM (local life guards) – as ever present 24/7 to help assist at sea, and ensure that every one has a good time – this is a voluntary organisation, so all donations are welcome – check them out at “SNSM Cannes Golfe-Juan” on Facebook – they are a vital support to all our events in Cannes and to all those who take to the sea and find them selves in a spot of trouble! They will always respond, assist and ensure your safety to port.
And a great thanks to Marie-noelle Archambault and Patrick Michau – two amazing friends who shared their photos direct to ILC Facebook Page

Photo credit: Patrick Michau


Photo credit: Marie-noelle Archambault

And our very own Pat Denton who put together an amazing time lapse of the departure and entry of the yachts into the old Port from the beautiful roof top of Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel & Thalasso, Cannes – for whom we thank very much for giving us permission to film from their roof top terrace!
Check out the time lapse video here : Regates Royales and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!
The end of the week resulted in Moonbeam IV taking the first prize in the Big Boat category, ahead of its sister Moonbeam V! Amongst the gaffers it was a close race, finally it was Marigold who held on to her title!  – for all the results :
The Trophee is organised by the Yacht Club of Cannes, under the patronage of the Yacht Club of France, the CIM and the French Sailing Federation (FFV), and also benefits from the total support of the city of Cannes, an essential partner of the organisation and of Panerai – the tittle sponsor of the event.