Women’s Journey…

As a follow up of the launch of Fonds Dotation Cannes

we are going to go into detail to tell you all about the associations which are in need of your help.

This is our first… We were invited by Fonds Dotation Cannes to assist the hand over of a very nice donation from the founding members of the Fond Dotation Cannes to the association of:

“Parcours de FEMMES…”

Which in English means “Women’s Journey” –

Now you may choose not to read on, but what a mistake…. this is not just a bunch of ladies feeling sorry for themselves, looking for pity…. their story starts here, their attitude and actions are just simply a reminder to us all – that together we CAN make a difference in someones life!

As per the description in our blog http://www.fondsdotationcannes.org/en/?page_id=232

Parcours de FEMMES …..

 “Vulnerable and isolated women economic and social empowerment

The Fund will help the charitable association « parcours de Femmes » to reintegrate into the local community and the labour market isolated, jobless  women.

This associations provides  services (french language courses, simulated job interviews),  individual advices on parenting and accompanies mothers and children that could face domestic violence.”

The association is run by professionals, psychologist social services – their experience is totally focused in helping women – regain respect, look for a job, listen to them , give them self esteem, and in general get them to help themselves and each other – you are no longer alone, you become part of a very strong movement.

When we went to see the hand over of a nice cheque from the founding members of the Cannes Community Fund (Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Leclerc Ranguin, Caisse d’Epargne Côte d’Azur, Ballitrand, Thalès alexia space). We expected to see…., well, not what we experienced. This organisation is doing so much, involved in so many activities. Not just an office and chatting to women in need – they are organising events, walks in the mountains, cultural day outs, cooking classes – they even have their very own vegetable garden – where all the women are invited to help grow their own food – they then all sit down together to share a magical moment – a smile can do so much more than listen to pity! together they work, together they laugh together they stand high! – they become stronger and they again gain confidence in them selves and can see the future with a brighter attitude! BRAVO “Parcours de FEMMES”.

If like us you are touched and feel a strong need to help this association then do not hesitate to get in touch with :


Fonds Dotation Cannes

Your aid is much needed to help with the positive attitude of all these women – and to help them stand strong, to help them regain self esteem and teach others that together they CAN!!

Merci for all your positivity and exceptional work.