Community Funding & Cannes

Yes, Cannes is glitzy

Yes, Cannes is about luxury yachts, boutiques and hotels

Yes, Cannes attracts the biggest stars around the world

….and yes this is where everyone wants to be, sunbathing and enjoying the amazing lifestyle we ALL enjoy…

Under all the glitz, bright lights and fabulous way of living – we must not forget that at the end of the day Cannes is a CITY – a City which lives, moves forward, school, workers, transport, social issues, unemployment issues etc. etc. etc.  – in other words a city just like all the others! Facing issues just like all other major cities –

This is why today we are blogging a very, very, important issue “Community Funding” – but why?

IMG_6852Simply it is better to count on the local community to give a help in hand rather than live off hand outs! In actual fact the so called “hand outs” have been reduced – the central government has reduced financial support – yes local action, more than ever, is required to support the local associations.

Our Mayor David Lisnard does not want the local taxes to increase, and wants the local community to take charge of its own future, take action for its own self financing – and this is how and why the Community Funding comes in – – it’s all about the community, helping, and raising awareness – and redirecting funds in the direction each one of us feels fit!599

But this is not a recent issue – as an expat, we have historically been involved with helping the local community. In the mid XIXth century Cannes went through a major development – the city grew rapidly. Soon the expat community was organising fund raising events to help the local community.

630It is important at this point to highlight that there are many many expats living in and around Cannes – paying taxes each year and not thinking where it goes, who it helps!! – Being part of the Community Funding – will allow you to make a donation for which YOU choose where the donation goes and the amount donated is tax deductible – a WIN WIN situation for everyone.

Recently, we at I Love Cannes were invited to the press release of “Fonds de Dotation Cannes” – where we were presented with the following issues at hand:

1) Combating illiteracy at primary school

In France, 4 out of 10 children do not have a full command of basic reading and writing  skills after the age 12.

What is true in the national context, is also true for the city of Cannes. Therefore the Association Coup de Pouce  will help the children with learning difficulties from city’s priority education schools.

One adult will teach five children using innovative pedagogical methods. The aim of this action is to prevent school failure at the very beginning of their education.

2) Financial support to the Cannes Symphonic Orchestra (ORCPACA)

The Cannes regional orchestra is very important in the local cultural landscape. It is highly committed to provide wide access to the classical music culture towards young auditors or people at risk of social exclusion.

The Cannes Community Fund will help the orchestra to organise concerts in city’s schools and high schools and in favour of hospitalised persons.

3) Participation in the building of a new retirement residence for isolated elderly peoples

The City of Cannes Center for Social Action (CCAS) is the main provider of financial support and services to elderly people with low pension entitlements or with disabilities.

The Cannes Community Fund will help the CCAS’s project realisation by financing the construction of a common living space in one of its residence that will be designed and equipped to strengthen social ties between residents and visitors from the outside.

Cultural facilities (library, music, videos), will also be provided.

4) Vulnerable and isolated women economic and social empowerment

The Fund will help the charitable association Parcours de Femmes to reintegrate into the local community and the labour market isolated, jobless  women.

This associations provides  services (French language courses, simulated job interviews),  individual advice on parenting and accompanies mothers and children that could face domestic violence.

5) Helping hospitalised children: financial support to the Association Adrien.

The charitable association Adrien aims to help children that face any kind of serious illness and provide them better conditions of hospitalisation.

The Fund will give money to help the association to organise its annual trip with the children and their families.

IMG_6897It is a great privilege that the Fonds Dotation Cannes have opened their doors to us – to help them and hopefully help YOU take action – help the community – the action is now in your hands – go to and see how you can help.

We will be getting more involved and will cover in more details the association above mentioned – so keep posted for more …… CANNES NEEDS YOU! – merci