Just made another exciting new partnership – one which actually started many many years ago……

10 years ago I was wandering the streets of Cannes – looking for the the birthday gift for my wife!  – I strolled down Rue D’Antibes, where all the major boutiques are found – then down the side streets looking for a smaller boutique with original ideas – still nothing hits me!

I then decide to go for a walk along the La Croisette” – to refresh my mind…I still do not know what to get! and time is ticking away (very appropriate!)

I then come across a newsagent, a book shop in front of the Palais des Festival (it no longer exists) – DSCN1184and in the window were some amazing original cufflinks, and some rather fancy designer watches !! hhmmmmm….. They do look fancy, but what about the price?? I decided to enter and check out the goods – but as the lady serving was rather good looking,  I decided to ask questions about the cufflinks – DSCN1189hoping that the price tag would not put me in an embarrassing position, like I said she was rather gorgeous!!

25 Euro??? wow I was astounded – these are the kind of cufflinks you can buy in the high streets of any major city from fancy designers with even fancier price tags! and here I am looking at what would be my very first pair of cufflinks. But…I am here to buy for my wife, her presentDSCN1172 and not for me!

Now that I have a very good idea of the pricing, I decided to ask the gorgeous DSCN1174lady, about the watches – I was looking for a sportive, yet discrete watch to wear when ever, where ever! A selection was presented – and to my surprise, 2 actually – first, this is a Cannes watch and secondly, at a very affordable price – under 150 Euros! – the perfect time to buy the perfect gift and everyone will be happy!

…This was 10 years ago..and recently….

I have now moved into Cannes, and went again for a walk along the La Croisette – and once again in front of the Palais des Festival, and memories began to emerge.. but where was the news shop? the gorgeous lady?? – oh no time had ran out! – does it still exist??

Another year or so went past, and here I am an established “Cannois” enjoying the lifestyle and sports the city has to offer. I have recently taken up Kite Surfing with Air X Kite  – a very exciting activity, for which I strongly recommend and before hand get professional advice!

IMG_6727What has this got to do with watches?? I hear you thinking?? – well as we get kitted up and settle into the boat which is going to take us for the kite session, I got talking to the others, and one in particular, was amazingly charming – we sort of, immediately clicked! long lost friends from another life?? – the session ended, and we were wrapping up – we shared contact details – I gave him my card and he gave me his….. DAVIS!

I remember this logo, BANG it hits me across the head!! – do you have anything to do with watches?? and yes, here I am chatting away to the very founder Pieter. I told him about my story about the purchase made years ago – He happily told me the DAVIS boutique  got bigger and moved to Rue Notre-Dame. As we left – he said something which has always remained with me “See you very soon I know we will work together one day”……

We finally meet up at Cafe Brun on Rue Hoche, sipping good coffee and chatting about life – Pieter is a very inspiring person, and I believe this can be seen through out his work, and philosophy – I explain IMG_6642to him what I was involved with “I Love Cannes”, and as a perfectly synchronised watch, we became “partners” – a term I use, when referring to all those joining “I Love Cannes” movement!

I wanted to know a little more about DAVIS: and in the very words of Pieter:

Davis watches are the reflection of a constantly evolving brand for over 25 years. Since 1987 based in Cannes.

An active team of designers and creators worked closely to combine colours, materials, technologies with a touch of avant-garde offering the brand’s identity.


The creation

Everything begins with a small spark to turn later into a real project.

Free hand sketches and 2D assemblies can then give rise to a dial, a case, needles, a bracelet.

Prototypes are then manufactured in order to lead the project.

One of the most important parts in the design is devoted to the choice of the movement that will become the heart of the watch.

Davis, since its inception working closely with Citizen and Seiko, two of the best manufacturers worldwide movement in the watch industry.

This cooperation, which is a real added value, providing a guarantee of quality, a level of accuracy and excellent reliability to Davis watches.


Every 6 months, based on current trends, one to five new models of watches take place in the collection: that offer a range of styles to suit different tastes of customers looking for both quality and aesthetics.


Four collections :

« Retro » directly inspired by the 60’s.

« Adventure » Racy and sporty lines.

« Elegance » Refined and chic.

« Design » Sleek lines.

BUT he does not stop here!! Forever evolving with time! – Pieter also evolves – creates, innovates.

This is part of his character – and another part, is his willingness to help, listen and build with others – DSCN1145Alex who has been part of Davis for over 15 years, was first brought in as an assistant, now he is developing his own line of watch accessories, from bracelets to amazing cufflinks:

“Pair of cufflinks made with two genuine swiss vintage mechanical DSCN1161movements. Very unique and sophisticated accessory for collectors and lovers of mechanical time pieces.”

There is so much to say – the easiest way to understand, appreciate…and buy the perfect gift, accessory is to go direct to the boutique on Rue Notre-Dame, or go direct to their new online shopping on line – http://www.davis-montres.com and enter the world of Pieter and Alex – with there perfect reflection and philosophy of life:

“Take Your Time, do not Live Too Fast”

10 years ago until today – Time does fly!