A nice Italian

I love this place already” says Tiff, enthusiastic when a nice man at the door welcomes them with “Buona sera” and a big smile.

“Well, lets not get all carried away here now. We have not even ordered yet!” replies Apero.

We are in France after all and the waiters are probably not even from Italy.

But after being shown to the table inside, even Apero started to feel a little in love.

First is the celing. The crazy mix of decor hanging down is a display worth the visit in itself. In fact the whole interior at Da Laura is quirky with different coloured chairs, rustic tables and fun photos on the walls. 

This night it was quiet, but on a busy lunch or evening it would be cramped – but in a cosy way.

“The atmosphere is nice” says Tiff. “Lets order some drinks and see if the service can match”

The smiley waiter is quick to take the order of a gin and tonic and a glass of champagne, and before Apero has a chance to say “I hope the snacks are tasty”, there are bread sticks, parmesan cheese and parma ham on the table, which by IMG_5002
the way is sliced on a hand turned cutting machine placed in the middle of the restaurant. The drinks are on the table quickly, the champagne served in a unconventional glass making Tiff slightly worried. But Aperos big smile after his first sip of his G&T eases the feeling.

This is fantastic he says. I like that the tonic comes in its own bottle and the gin is super!”

The champagne does not disappoint either, but mostly it is the snacks that impress the couple. Simple and tasty – it is the perfect nibble that also pleasantly comes again when the couple order a new round of drinks.

Da Laura has a great location at the end of the pedestrian street on Rue Hoche. During the busy lunch hours in high season the place is packed and is often seen with people queuing up outside to get a taste of italian specialties. The restaurant is also famous for their giant pepper shakers, the size of an average penguin, carried to your table. A fun experience.

This was however a quiet mid week evening, out of season so Apero&Tiff had almost the whole place to themselves. There was Italian music playing in the background and the waiters DO speak IIMG_5004talian, even singing sometimes, making it feel like you´re actually in a back alley of a small Sicilian town!

So what do you think of the atmosphere?” says Tiff

“I kind of like it replies Apero. The service is great too, but there might be more waiting if the place was full, even though the waiters are running like they were preparing for a half marathon in between the tables”

“We might have to come back to test it again in the high season!”

Absolutely!! This is like Little Italy in France. Chin-chin to that!

If you have suggestion for a bar, that Apero&Tiff should test out, please leave a suggestion in the comment box and they will be out there for you!