An English breakfast in Cannes…….?? Is this possible??

First of all we have to fully understand what a “Full English” is all about! –

“A full breakfast is a breakfast meal, usually including bacon, sausages, eggs, and a variety of other cooked foods, with a beverage such as coffee or tea. It is especially popular in the UK and Ireland, to the extent that many cafés and pubs offer the meal at any time of day as an “all-day breakfast”. It is also popular in other English-speaking countries.”’

The “Full English” has now become an institution around the world, with many Hotels, restaurants offering this great way to start a day.

726 One of the basic secrets to a successful “full English” is the ingredients!! they HAVE TO BE ENGLISH!! from the sausage, baked beans, bacon and cup of tea! – ….and the BREAD! – there are those who have tried to cut corners…its not worth it and definitely lose marks.

This is when we decided to check out CAVE 24  – Its a new bistro wine bar in Cannes – offering themed events – and one of them is the “full english” every Saturday from 10.30 till 14.30 – so we had to go along to try it……

What is amazing, is that as we turned the corner from Rue des Belges onto Rue du Bivouac Napoléon where CAVE 24 is 12369175_859013984197065_2205673687614098319_nsituated – we can already enjoy the delicious and unique odour of bacon & sauges being cooked – and believe me for all this who know, its just unique and for all those who do not know, what are you waiting for!! Get yourselves down to CAVE 24 on Saturday to try it out!

Then as we enter CAVE 24 – it all became reality! and yes we have it – the “full English” in all its glory – with a great cook behind the oven – and a hostess you just want to hug! Merci Barbara, such a warm welcome, great humour, and so very much down to earth with so many exciting projects (themed events).

724Then we sit down to savour the mouth watering “full English” – and it meets with top marks – the best in CANNES – and the sausages from our very own English butcher in Antibes – they are truly amazing sausages!and bacon – the highest quality meats.

It has to be said, the best English Breakfast in town! BRAVO to CAVE 24!

I then sat down with Barbara to find out a little bit more about her philosophy…and in her very own words..

Barbara HALL 

I’m often asked ‘ why a bar/ bistro’746

Well, I love wine & sourcing local produce, so why not earn a living at the same time!!

Well, CAVE 24 came into being, 9 months later…..

Themed nights

Curry & Colgans beer every Friday

Language exchange

Music nights

Now I’m planning on adding ‘ rack attack’ great BBQ ribs on Tuesdays!!

Become friends on ‘CAVE 24‘ to find out what I’m up to next!!!!

And our trusted tasters of the day had a few words to add:

Pat Denton 

“The best English breakfast on the Cote d’Azur! – Paul Oatway was filling in as chef for Barbara & Dean’s bar695

Cave 24, on rue Bivouac when the ILC crowd gathered to check out their new Full-English. The ever hospitable

Barbara gave us all complimentary mimosas while Paul cooked up the excellent sausages, from (Emma’s??)

Sausages in Antibes, great crispy bacon, with all the trimmings. Can’t think of a better way to start the day…”


Nick Casson 

“Used to having a “Full English” at Claridges and RAC club in London – when I moved to France I never thought I’d find another traditional breakfast – and wrong I was – BRAVO Barbara excellent breakfast”


I can honestly say that Saturdays are going to be GREAT! thanks to a great start in the day! Merci Barbara and CAVE 24.


Check out their FB page for more succulent events …..


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