248 (002)What is it ALL about!! TATTOO??

One day you wake up, your mind just blows away, the years are flying past and you find your self unstoppably wanting to get a TATTOO ….. WHY??


It all and sounds painful – HOWEVER….what if???

Our past, present, future, our philosophy, art – is this what it is all about? are we trying to say something to others or ourselves?

342I have been to lots of Tattoo boutiques…..and like art….there are some good ones, some bad, and others simply outstanding.

There are the usual “Hate / Love” , “Mum /Dad”, then there are the ritual ones originating from the exotic Islands of Capture d’écran 2015-06-10 à 20.16.44Polynesia. You can just about Tattoo anything anywhere on the body! a way to express our feelings, tell others how we think! ?

And to someone like me it all sounds and looks a little way out of my league – until I had the privilege to meet with one of the worlds most exciting Tattoo artists “Yohann”  of Art-Cannes-Tattoo specialising in Japanese Art Tattoo – 


First thing that strikes me (not the needle!) was the man himself – what a privilege – a genuine down to earth man! – great to chat with and a great lover of Art, philosophy, music – a wealth of enthusiasm. 

He has the oldest Tattoo boutique in Cannes – for the past 25 years! so yes I guess he must be a leader in his field – he started back all those years ago as an apprentice with “Etienne” in Cannes. Etienne was one of the main founders of Tattoo in 317France – so what a mentor! – Six yours on, the apprentice becomes him self the MENTOR – and opens Art-Cannes-Tattoo . Travelling the world of Tattoo artists conventions, he gained notoriety with his creative talents. So it was not long, that his story took him to London to work with “Lal Hardy”, Canada with “The Dutchman, Germany, New Zealand….then to TOKYO. Where he fell under the artistic spell of “Irezumi” – the spiritual decorative Tattoo – representation of ones soul! – this is a major turning point – and has since become one of the world leading expert, top artists – and mastering all the intricate techniques and skills required required. 

The first step “Yohann” wants to meet with you, discuss with you , spend time with you – only when he is satisfied and understands your inner soul, will he then sit down and draw your sketch! Yes this is art – its not a simple drawn that YOU have decided to get tattooed onto your body, this is the artists showing you what you really are! – The process does take time and the results are outstanding pieces of walking art – 

IMG_1918More recently “Yohann” has also made his tattoos into pieces of art of canvas! with some amazing results. Bruce Dickinson – the singer for Iron Maiden – recently purchased one – 26 June 2015 Yohann ’s art was also honoured at the prestigious Villa Domergue in Cannes, in the presence David Lisnard the cities Lord Mayor. 

All this high profile, yet here he is with me – a simple man with an amazing talent and an incredible warm soul! BRAVO ….and maybe I will get the courage to stop by for a little longer…..

Merci for all of you “Yohann”


Photos by Pat Denton