The Warner Cafe has occupied both sides of rue Hélène Vagliano for a long time and is a popular place to have your coffee in the morning as well as a bite at lunch time. After a remodelling they have now open ” 2 le Vins”, which is also suited for an evening apero with a menu of snacks.

IMG_4187Apero&Tiff who rarely, if maybe never, miss a chance to have a little drink, were therefore excited to try out the updated venue to check if the service was as pleasing as it was during a coffee break.

”It sure is busy tonight ” said Apero on their arrival.

Almost all the tables with bar stools outside were occupied by a mix of young and old enjoying their drinks in the candle lit atmosphere. Tiff managed to find a small table squeezed in among the crowd and immediately grabbed the framed wine list standing there. Not that that was any point since she always ordered the champagne anyway. As her motto goes: “Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”

With 12 euro for a glass of champagne and wines from 5 euro a glass, the “2 le Vins” has an average price range. IMG_5303Apero decided on a glass of white and waited for the busy waiter to make the order.

And he waited and waited, whilst sweating under the hot heat lamp just above him.

”I am going to get sun burnt before I get my drink ” he said sarcastically.

”Don´t be so dramatic” replied Tiff, just as the waiter arrived with a plate of snacks.

“Anyway, it’s about time you get some some colour” she continued.

Apero, forgetting the heat, the absent drink, the busy waiter, life in general, threw himself into the plate that IMG_5308consisted of crispy garlic bread and home made tuna tapenade, replacing his thirst for hunger.

”Not the most exciting snacks, but the tuna thing taste very good ” he said.

They both received their drinks shortly after and made a toast with the nearby couple, who practically sat more or less at the same table. All around them was a buzz of chatter and toasting, giving the place a warm and good atmosphere. Rue Hélène Vagliano is a great small alley leading in to Rue Hoche, with restaurants, bars and small shops, making it a lively place to have a drink any time of the day.

The service at 2 Le Vins is very smiley and friendly, even though it was busy this evening.

”It looks great inside too” said Tiff. “ I like the way they have made the place very warm and cosy with bottles on display and candles burning”. “Small details such as bottles instead of cards for reserved tables give it a fun touch IMG_5311too”.

”I agree, but with scented candles on the tables, I feel like I am sitting in a perfumerie! I cant take this any more” said Apero and blew out the light in front of them. In the disappearing smell of lavender and yang yang, he ordered a second round anyway.

At the “2 le Vins” they also have a good selection of food, and by the look of it this evening, Apero&Tiff saw big plates of charcuterie and cheese brought out, that looked very delicious. If you desire a sharing plate instead of dinner, this is a great spot to be at.


If you have a suggestion for a bar that Apero&Tiff should test out, please let us know in the comment box and they will be out there for you!