It’s the perfect day…June 2012 – blue sky and I’M sitting on a fountain in Beaune (French pronunciation: [bon]) which is the wine capital of Burgundy in the Côte d’Or department in eastern France. Sipping good wine and wasting time!! – what can I say? the perfect setting…till…the bl….dy phone kills the moment! –

Yes we left the buzzing busy life of London for a long weekend! A break from work , a break full stop! Last minute booking, spur of the moment inspiration and we are driving through the the wine fields in a Bentley and a Fiat 2000 – pure magic – soaking in the sunshine, not to mention the wine!!!

..then that very very irritating moment when the phone rings – breaking through the silence of peace – what now?? Can I truly not have a few days break?? – guess NOT – the office, the work, just cannot shake them off – TOTALLY fed up, saturated – need to make a decision – a major decision!!

Thats when it hit me! – Simple solution – time to move…time for a total make over of life style!

One week after the phone call – I am flying to Nice – the villa is booked in Grasse – for a long long break – time to scout out new grounds – look for a new life!

The search took us to Lorgues – where we stayed for 3 months – time enough to understand that this is a great provencal town – but more for holidays than a total life change! the Provencale markets, towns, wine domains to die for – not to mention the wonderful restaurants and people. But as I already said, a great holiday, do not know if would suit us for an armament move! – so we packed up and made our way to the coast front – Saint Raphael – 4 months on – and the living is great – sea side, not far from the wine domains…..BUT what can we do?? – a simple yet complex question!! this is supposed to be the major turn around, the major change from the busy life of London!

Its now Christmas – we take the Bentley for a run to Monaco for the Christmas break and lunch – a change of air – the coastal route is perfect this time of the year – blue skies, no traffic and views of the mediterranean coast line! Sublime.

We drive through Cannes then GOLFE JUAN – thats when it hit us,  bang in the face – the location, the villa, the town – this was it!!! The ideal home! One week later! yes ONE WEEK – we were in the new villa – new furniture, new, LIFE finally!


Then it hit us both – we have a couple of Classic Cars – why not rent them out?? The idea is born, the business is planned out – and a philosophy was adopted! Classic Cars are meant to be driven! So let others enjoy the ride as well.



Within a few weeks – we have gone from 3 Classic Cars to around 15 – including, Aston Martin, Morgan, Mustang, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mercedes, Porsche ……. The idea is to allow others to also enjoy the sensation only a Classic Car can provide! Heads turning, an actor for a day?? – cruise through Monaco, Bond for a day, not to mention weddings, photo shoots – but mostly to see the large smiles from all of our clients! This is what it is all about.

Riviera Classic Car Hire is soon one year old!!


And what a year it has been – and a definite life change! No more London hassle! Living in the south of France, and providing a “turn key solution” for our clients – we will deliver and pick up the cars from where the client wants! Whether this be at their hotel, villa, airport or cruise ship – they simply get in the car and live the magical moment of cruising the mediterranean coastline.

What a year indeed…. 506 clients – Excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and to top it all…..the delivery of 2 very important girls in our lives – our twin daughters! to keep our Bertie (terrier) company and keep us young!

Thank you all for allowing this wonderful change, and look forward to bringing on more smiles to all our customers!


Nick and Anne-Marie Casson

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Nick and Anne-Marie Casson

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