It’s the 20th September – 8am – and the sun is already shining in the deep blue skies of the Cote D’Azur! and we are off to CANNES.

Expected temperature up to 24°c – in the afternoon – YES a perfect day ahead!

But lets go back to 8am….. we are off to attend ODYSSEA – a family run in the centre of Cannes for the association awareness “Breast Cancer” – – racing around France – BRAVO

Nervous, excited – my girls have there new shoes – in the car and off we go.

As we get closer we can feel the excitement in the air – all ages, women, men, children etc – all in high spirits – ready for the 1km /5km /10km race – familiar faces in the crowd – friends meet up and children get warmed up for the first race of the day.

…Ready Steady GOOOO…. and my daughter is doing her first run – so proud. and she is loving it – all these children running excitedly with smiling faces – well done to you all – the arrival was fantastic – what an achievement ..and she gets her first medal!! 🙂

…then Ready Steady GOOOOO for my wife – her first run with her new shining shoes – 5km – and she is doing fantastic – as if she has been doing this for ages!! and looking beautiful 🙂

….then there is me…. NO sorry to say – I had to take the photos 🙂 with our photographer Pat Denton

Walking around the starting block – stands are in place, the volunteers are doing a great job – organised, and helping everyone. This is definitely a great family day out –

Friends are also running in the race along with our Sportive Maire David Lisnard – nice to see him so active in a good cause – and not as a maire but as a sportsman – BRAVO –

The race is over – everyone no matter their age, male, female children – all have achieved a major milestone – and for a great cause.. Medals and cups are distributed – drinks, orange, cake for everyone – and everyone is smiling happily.

Its still blue skies and the temperature is 24°c – the day is not over yet!!! what to do next …. lunch on the beach with friends 🙂 that sounds fantastic – Bon Dimanche to you all!